Transfer: “Kills Me Every Time” (video)

Man alive, this song kicks major butt.

One of San Diego’s coolest bands, Transfer, released their latest video for “Kills Me Every Time,” about a week ago. It’s one hell of a song off their latest album, Shadow Aspect.

Man ALIVE, this song kicks ass.

The video was apparently shot at The Casbah, a popular San Diego music venue. I’ve had the pleasure of performing there a few times when I played keys in a band, Stillwater Junction (we were quite good)… The Casbah is where I met The Black Crowes’ guitarist, Marc Ford. He was hanging out with a beverage when I approached him saying, “Hey, you’re Marc Ford!” He confirmed my statement and I replied, “That’s cool.” I told him how awesome he is and shook his hand… then I went back to doing something I can’t recall. Must have been quite a night.

Anyhow, you have to check out this video:

Totally. Dig.

Transfer’s Shadow Aspect is filled with catchy, atmospheric-yet-pure-rock songs that is sure to make you say, “Wow,” and “Hell yeah,” and “Ahhh…NICE.” Ok, maybe not in those exact words, but believe me, your reaction will be something similar.

Just watch the video and then visit their official site to find out where to pick it up. You won’t want to pass it up.

Their next show:

11/07/2014 in Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace

By the way, their live show kicks just as much ass as “Kills Me Every Time” does. And that’s putting it lightly.

Transfer links: [Official] [Facebook] [Twitter] [iTunes]

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Brenda Xu: “Light of the Moon” + CD Release Party Info

photo_shoot_john_hancock_070_1244636257A few months ago, I discovered that Brenda Xu was in the process of putting out a new album. I had met Brenda back when I would go perform in coffee shops and bars around San Diego. Her soft, delicate style had always made me take a look at why the heck I feel the need to push so hard whenever I sing. I still struggle with that in my performances… but hey, sometimes “Yelling Asian Guy” is a good selling point.

So upon receiving an advanced copy of Xu’s album, For the Winter, I was pleased to hear that she is still writing some beautiful music that can calm the most savage beast. I popped the CD into my player and drifted away for a good 40 minutes.

Beautiful, beautiful music.

W139Brenda Xu will be officially releasing For the Winter on Thursday, September 18 in Seattle. The CD release party will be held at The Fremont Abbey in The Great Hall. Xu states, “Ever since I visited this space for a ‘vocal jam’ last year, I dreamed of playing here one day, and now I can’t believe that is going to happen next week!” She will be performing with her band, along with a string quartet. I would love to attend that release party, but I will be incredibly busy fighting crime as not only Batman but Robin as well.

Oh? You didn’t know that Batman and Robin are one and the same? Yeah, the costume changes are tough to do, but it confuses the bad guys, and that’s all I need to get the upper hand.

For those of you future super heroes, make sure you come up with a gimmick that shocks and awes the bad guys. In the end, they’ll thank you for it. I still receive thank you notes from all the bad guys I’ve put away. One of them reads, “You da best. Tanx 4 kiking my ass n makin me feel guud about it.” People, that’s what I call appreciation.

Anyhow, you’ll find my favorite track of Xu’s album below. “Light of the Moon” has so far been played 18 times on my iTunes and I’m sure it will rack up more digits. There are some songs that just stop me in my tracks. Thank goodness I wasn’t listening to this whilst fighting crime…

Me: Hold on, bad guys. Hold ON! Will you all just HOLD ON???
Bad Guys: Why? What’s up, Batman and/or Robin? We gon’ throw down or wut?
Me: Of course we will, but hold on until this song finishes. It’s such a good song!
Bad Guys: Werd to yo mutha.

For those in the Seattle area, get your patoots to Xu’s CD release party. For those not in the Seattle area, I hear it’s a perfect time of year to visit, especially on September 18.


Be sure to visit one of Xu’s links below to pick up For the Winter on September 18. No, it won’t magically appear in your iTunes account…

Here are some upcoming Brenda Xu show dates. I’m looking forward to her California shows. Perhaps I can get her into the Frontloader studio for an acoustic session…? You never know…

10/4 Portland, OR – The Waypost
10/5 Cottage Grove, OR – Axe & Fiddle
10/7 Sacramento, CA – The Torch Club
10/8 Roseville, CA – Beatniks Books
10/9 San Francisco, CA – 50 Mason Social House
10/10 Atascadero, CA – Last Stage West
10/11 Santa Cruz, CA – The Abbey
10/12 Altadena, CA – Coffee Gallery Backstage
10/16 San Diego, CA – Lestat’s

Brenda Xu on: [official] [facebook] [twitter]