I’ve been here on TheFrontloader.com now since 2008… and before that, I was writing a version of it on MySpace. Altogether, it’s been about 10 years of work put into this site. TheFrontloader.com has gone from a personal blog to a music sharing site to a music news and review site to a music video showcase site… that’s quite a few changes and I feel the need to start it over. Reboot it, if you will.

Lately, I’ve been working on new music with Kaity and The Flood. It’s been incredibly rewarding and fun. While writing the music that goes into Kaity and The Flood (KATF), I’ve had a number of songs that don’t quite fit the style project. These songs usually get filed away and forgotten about, which is quite sad. I’ve been going through these songs/ideas and realized that I’d like to do something with them or else they’ll just sit there forever.

So I’m rebooting TheFrontloader.com to showcase this music. I’m (obviously) naming the project The Frontloader because A) it’s convenient, and B) the name still suits everything I want to do.

Hopefully you’ll stay with me while I redesign the site. I’m not deleting any of the old posts (they’re a part of my history), nor am I going to stop sharing new music I enjoy. As a whole, though, I’m going to focus on the music I’m writing. Whether you like it or not remains to be seen.

Thank you for making it this far with me. I look forward to where we go from here.

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