14360-no-dealI’ve been listening to this album so much lately. Melanie De Biasio’s 2014 No Deal is such a gorgeous record to experience. It’s spacious, haunting, and reminds me how wonderful it is to just get completely lost in an album.

No Deal creates an engrossing atmosphere that makes me hang on her every word. I’m serious when I say that time passes by without my knowledge while this record plays… and when it’s over, I want to return to that place so much that I either hit repeat or, if I have to go do something, I think about it until I can get back to my stereo. You might be saying, “Dude, that doesn’t tell me much,” and you’re probably right.

Just listen to the title track and I hope you’ll know what I mean.

Here, I’ll help you out. This is De Biasio performing said title track live. It’s just her voice, flute (she plays jazz flute!), and a guitarist…

Wowzers, that’s good stuff.

If you enjoyed that, do yourself a favor a pick up the entire record!

Since releasing No Deal, De Biasio has put out another record, a one-track serving titled Blackened Cities that has (amazingly enough) one track. The running time is almost 25 minutes, though, so dig in an be prepared to lose track of time.

I’d start with No Deal, though. Yes. I’d start with that one.

Melanie De Biasio: [Official Site] [Bandcamp] [Facebook]

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