This may sound funny for me to say, considering the history of this site… but vinyl records saved me.

I must admit that for years, listening to music wasn’t much fun for me anymore. Sure, I enjoyed playing my favorite bands on my iPhone or CD player, but on a whole, I didn’t actively seek out much new music. I was, in a large part, living in the past and within my comfort zone.

So vinyl records saved me. I don’t know what it was that inspired me to go get a record player, but I’m so glad I did. Scratch that, I know what it was that made me get a turntable… I had left my record collection at my parents’ house. I’d look at them from time to time and post pictures of them on Instagram (follow me there! Just search for TheFrontloader!). I’d play a few records every now and then on my dad’s stereo, and that led to an itch to play them at home. An itch, apparently, that I had to scratch.

I eventually went with a friend to Fry’s and purchased an Audio Technica AT-LP60USB record player. This was their low-end turntable, but it suited my needs at the time. I finally hauled my records back home and started enjoying them again. I enjoyed them so much, in fact, that I started to yearn for more. For the first time in years, I stepped into a record store and browsed the old vinyls. Maybe it was the whole nostalgic experience, I don’t know… but I loved it so much that I haven’t stopped. My record collection is slowly growing, and I’m discovering new bands that I previously wouldn’t touch.

Today I brought home an old Sony stereo receiver to beef up my gear.


This is going to be awesome. I played music on this exact receiver when I was a kid.

Interestingly enough, now listening to music on my iPhone will only do when I’m not home. MP3s simply do not carry the same kind of depth or warmth that vinyls, or CDs for that matter, carry.

I don’t know how many of you out there are record collectors as well, but I’ve found a bunch on Instagram. Seriously… follow me there and you’ll discover a whole culture based around vinyl records.

I’ll most likely write a post that goes more in-depth on this whole vinyl experience, but for now, I just wanted to show off the Sony receiver. It’s pretty sweet.

3 thoughts on “Vinyl Records Saved Me…

  1. I know what you’re saying, Swap. I need a new receiver badly. I’d settle for a used one if not previously owned by a smoker. (They tend to smell like a dirty ash tray after heating up.) My 1966 Motorola cabinet model “record player” spins my albums for now. The twin tube amps are working but not reliable, and it takes a while for them to warm up and settle down, but that adds to the sounds I recall as a kid. I was listening to “The Seekers” today and did a side by side comparison of the LP to an mp3 of the sounds of The Seekers – “Georgy Girl” and it is night and day. I’ll keep listening to mp3s and CD’s but add a treat to my ears daily with the older format. I may drag out my 8 Track collection for the truck! (No, no I won’t.) -unc.

  2. Didn’t 8-tracks boast superior sound because of how wide the tape is? I know my dad had some 8-track cassettes but I don’t recall hearing them. I think my brother took them all. I’m curious as to whether cassette tapes will make a comeback like vinyl did.

    There’s definitely a difference between CD and vinyl. Playing the CD and album remasters of Springsteen’s Nebraska album is telling. The vinyl just feels fuller – perhaps this is from the stylus or something, but I always feel more involved with vinyl.

    Thank you for sharing and it’s always great to hear from you. I’ve never played music through an all-tube amp. That must sound so warm!

  3. Warm they get! I have mine stationed over an AC floor vent and that helps considerably. But I know your meaning of warm and it truly is a huge difference. So the need for the receiver to replace the tube amps, perhaps with switches so I can go back and forth. Presently working my way through a ten album Readers Digest box of Big Band Favorites. Yep, get 25 – 30 instruments together and jam baby jam.

    Good to see you posting again, too, Swap. Hope you get back on the good foot real soon!

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