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Frontloader Sessions: Sheyna Gee

It was great seeing Sheyna again. She had moved to Nashville in the later part of 2015 and has been finding much success out there. Always knew she would.

She came back to California for a few weeks and came in for a session. Backed by the multi-instrumentalist David Mills, we spent some time catching up and then recorded a few songs. “I’ve Been Around” has been a staple to her live set, so it only made sense that it was chosen. The intro to this video is hilarious!

Sheyna recorded a few more songs that day and I’ll get to them soon! (I write that down as a reminder and promise to myself) Her Facebook page exploded with views and “likes” a few weeks ago. Her name is definitely getting around, so be sure to follow her and stay updated. It’s always exciting to watch how an artist progresses!

Thanks again to Sheyna and David for making in for a session. It was a blast and I hope to see you all again soon!

Sheyna Gee links: [Official site] [Facebook]