Twin Oaks: “Ghosts”

I’ve written about Twin Oaks multiple times, and I will most likely write about them again and again. Wait. I think I’ve written that before in a past post.

Anyhow, they released a new song, “Ghosts,” late last month. It’s a taste of what’s to come on their new record, White Noise. After hearing it, I can honestly say, “Wow.” If this is a gauge on what’s to come, then sign me up and call me Mary.

Take a listen.


Twin Oaks will be performing at the Tribal Cafe on Friday, May 29 @ 7pm

Go visit their official website for more information.

Twin Oaks on: [Official Site] [Facebook]


Kaity and The Flood: “Weight of Love” (The Black Keys cover)

Kaity and The Flood have just released a cover of “Weight of Love” by The Black Keys. This version is much more electronic than the original, yet maintains a similar vibe and feel. Personally, I’ve been getting back into synthesizers, so it’s cool to hear how they’ve been incorporated into this song. Singer Kaity Joyce’s voice soars beautifully over the music, and when she goes falsetto in the ending… chills down my spine, I tell ya.

Take a listen:

The Black Keys version is over 7 minutes long, I believe. This cover is just over 6 minutes, so quite a bit of the solo sections have been shortened. Let me know what you think of this recording and if you haven’t already, go check out Kaity and The Flood online. They’re currently working on an EP which should be released this summer. Based on this cover song, I’m looking forward to hearing what they come up with!

Kaity and The Flood on: [Official] [Facebook] [Twitter]