1176253_654249884586809_1112747251_n-e1394661991220I’m always fascinated with what direction the kids of famous entertainers take. For example, I think it’s so interesting that Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob Dylan, took to music and has turned out to be such a success. Did he hear his father’s catalog and want to do the same thing? Did Jakob see his dad perform one day and think that dad sucks and he could do better? What was the turning point for him? This makes me wonder what Bono’s kids will do… will they follow their father’s footsteps or will they stay away from the limelight? Or how about Bruce Springsteen’s kids?

Well, I can safely tell you what Kathleen Turner’s kid has done.

Rachel Ann Weiss has taken the music route and has released quite a collection of songs. Her Always EP was just released last week and includes the featured track here, “Dark is Coming.” I’ve been playing this song for the better part of the morning and it’s definitely helping me forget that the current temperature outside is 100°F… and it’s only 8:18am. I’m sure that by 12:00, my face will have burned right off.

Weiss’ voice is instantly rewarding: rich, smooth, and dynamic. “Dark is Coming” showcases these vocals in a reverb-filled, guitar swelling sound. Take a listen…

In an interview with American Songwriter, Weiss reveals that “Dark Is Coming” was written with Buckley very much in mind: “I decided to use a few chords from Jeff Buckley’s ‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’ in the chorus and that inspired me to finish the song with him in mind. So, ultimately, it’s about two men that have influenced me greatly: Jeff Buckley and a former love of mine.”

Very cool.

If you dug “Dark is Coming,” then definitely check out the rest of her Always EP. You can hear all of her music on her official site. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Weiss’ range of styles… she allows herself to branch out in many different directions. It’s always good to keep’em guessing. Like right now… I bet you didn’t think I’d do this:


That’s right… keep’em guessing.

Rachel Ann Weiss on: [Official Site] [Facebook] [Twitter]

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  1. She’s a wonderful talent! Love her voice. Um, that last picture… no, I didn’t see that one coming, you crazy nut!

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