thSo I’m sitting in the comfy chair at my local dentist, checking my iPhone for the latest in Apple news, and whaddyaknow, U2 releases an album. Right there. Like, right there… at that very moment.

I said to myself, “That’s a nice thing to do… those nice Dublin boys…” and then I remembered that I’m at the frikkin’ dentist office, with a bunch of stuff stuck in my mouth, about to experience something extremely uncomfortable. I remarked to my dentist, “Ifhoi rp9ss jlaip” and he replied, “Oh? U2 released a new album today? Fantastic.”

Amazing how dentists can understand anything you say.

To make this short and sweet, U2 released their latest album, Songs of Innocence today. Here’s the amazing thing:

You can have it for FREE as long as you have an iTunes account.

And who doesn’t have an iTunes account??? My grandmother even has one.

Go pick it up right now. I’m spinning it as I type this, and although the verdict is still out on the album, I think Neil McCormick’s review is pretty on target so far.

I’m hoping this album grows on me.

New U2 on any given day is a good day, though. Man, I love this band.

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