The Most Important Music Links on the Web EVER (for now)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. How many of you hit the stores at the crack of dawn for some Black Friday fun? Any big scores you want to tell us about? Any amazing music deals going on today for Cyber Monday that we should know about? If so, let us know below!

LinksIt’s that time again when we share with you some of the most important music links on the web EVER (for now). I love these posts because it gives us a chance to share with you some of the sites that WE like to frequent for good music, stories, and music news. There are so many wonderful music sites out there, and we like to touch on some new ones each time we put together a Most Important Music Links on the Web EVER (for now) post. Hopefully we’ll turn you on to a few sites and sounds you hadn’t heard about before.

Cover Me – Cover Me has an extensive list of the hottest and most interesting holiday albums you can grab this season.

The 6149 – Our friend Judd at The 6149 has another excelled Rock & Roll Three Way post up on the site featuring The Doors, The Band, and Big Joe Turner. It also includes a bonus cut from Cedric Burnside & Lightnin’ Malcom. Dig it.

Slicing Up Eyeballs – Slicing Up Eyeballs will debut a brand new weekly radio show on Strangeways Radio tomorrow. The show, like the site, will spotlight the classic indie, post-punk, synthpop and alternative music of the college-rock era. More details and links to listen are included in the post.

Indie Rock Cafe – A little something to get you in the holiday spirit: Download More Indie & Alternative Rock Christmas Songs, Vol III: The White Stripes, Mark Kozelek, My Morning Jacket, The Flaming Lips

Popblerd – Check out Popblerd’s highly entertaining Soul Train Awards Not-So-Live-Blog. Complete with pics, video, and humor, he covers it all from start to finish.

Blogness on the Edge of Town – Blogness has once again compiled a great list of Springsteen links and videos, including Jimmy Fallon giving the lowdown on the “Whip My Hair” number (with backstage video).

Jeff Vrabel – Speaking of Springsteen, this “OK, Self, you’re talking to Bruce Springsteen” post by friend of the site, Jeff Vrabel, is a must-read… and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Popdose – Popdose is back with its 15th Popdose Podcast, where the topic is Reunions… the reunions they remember the most, the bands they still want to see reunite, and the bands that should have stayed broken up. These guys are always entertaining.

Concert Vault – The Concert Vault on Wolfgang’s Vault has a great new concert up from Hot Tuna, live in March 1991. While there, make sure to check out today’s Download Deal of the Day.

TwentyFourBit – Hear Nick Cave cover 28 different songs by the likes of Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Roy Orbison, Ramones, and more.

Captains Dead – Captains Dead has a great treat for Black Sabbath fans… a rare show from 1970 that you can download and enjoy. Check it out.

My Old Kentucky Blog – MOKB premieres a new song from Colin Caulfield (aka Young Man), titled “Strangers”. Preview and download.

We All Want Someone to Shout For – Check out the new single from Iron & Wine, “Walking Far From Home,” which was released as an exclusive Black Friday single.

Pitchfork – Pitchfork has video of Liz Phair performing “Fuck and Run” at Matador’s 21st anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, along with some commentary from Liz herself.

Consequence of Sound – If you’re a fan of the New Kids on the Block and/or Backstreet Boys, you’re in for a treat. The two bands are coming together to co-headline a tour next summer, and CoS has a complete list of tour dates.

AntiDuckface – “Stop Making That Duckface!” This site never fails to make me laugh.

To close things out today, we’re once again providing you with some fun remixes we’ve found along the way. Man alive, don’t you just love a good remix?

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: Into The Night (CFCF Remix) – Azari & III
Download: Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix) – Korallreven
Download: Cosmic Love (Slick Werk Remix) – Florence & The Machine
Download: Well, Well, Well! (Dan Clare Club Remix) – Duffy
Download: Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix) – Muse
Download: Excuses (The Golden Filter Remix) – The Morning Benders
Download: When I’m Small (Chuck Brody Remix) – Phantogram
Download: The Antler Orchard (Peter Silberman Remix) – Ra Ra Riot
Download: Dancing With The DJ (Monsieur Adi remix) – The Knocks
Download: Heart is Strange (Active Child Remix) – School of Seven Bells
Download: That’s My Bitch – Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft. Elly Jackson of La Roux
Download: Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer Remix) – Florence & The Machine (ft. Gilbere Forte)
Download: Cry So Well (Suntan Mix) – Typewriter
Download: Once And For All (Little Loud Remix) – Clock Opera
Download: Barbra Streisand (Nick Thayer Remix) – Duck Sauce
Download: Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) – Aeroplane


Tron Legacy Soundtrack Sample: Daft Punk – “Disc Wars”

The last movie I saw in an actual theater was the brilliant Up In The Air starring George Clooney. I think it’s been the only theater-going experience I’ve had all year. Yeah, I don’t go out to the movies much… too expensive, man.

That’s going to change on December 17th, though, when Tron: Legacy is released. Man alive, I cannot wait for this flick… the first Tron completely frazzled my mind when I was a kid, and after seeing the trailers for Tron: Legacy, I’m sure my mind will be just as fried.

I can’t wait! If you haven’t seen a trailer yet, take a look and say, “Wooow,” especially at how they made Jeff Bridges look so young:

Here’s another one:

So to get in the mood, I’ve been listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk. This is the first soundtrack that I’ve thrown myself into since… well, probably since those of the Star Wars prequels.

Daft Punk did a great job with the soundtrack… there’s a good blend of electronica and the use of a symphony orchestra… very, very cool, indeed.

Check out “Disc Wars.” I love the tribal feel to this track.

Remember, Tron: Legacy comes out on December 17th.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Disc Wars – by Daft Punk
[gplayer href=”″]Disc Wars[/gplayer]

Daft Punk on: [Amazon] [iTunes]


Repost: George Winston – December

Here’s something I originally posted about 2 years ago, but felt it relevant to this time of year. I absolutely love this album and have been listening to it lately, so if you don’t know about it yet, I highly encourage you to read on! The show dates have been updated. I didn’t post a Top 5 Most Played Songs for this week because I played this record so much it… it pretty much dominated the entire week.
I know that I’ve mainly focused on rock music here on, but since it’s the Christmas season, I thought for this week’s “Spin of the Week,” I’d throw this one in for you to check out.

George Winston’s December is a classic within the “New Age” genre. According to Wikipedia, “New Age” music is ” peaceful music of various styles, which is intended to create inspiration, relaxation, and positive feelings, often used by listeners for yoga, massage, inspiration, relaxation, meditation, and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments often associated with environmentalism and New Age Spirituality.”

Wow. I didn’t know all THAT. I always thought this genre was just filled with cool instrumentals, but I guess by the above description, even Enya can be placed in this category.

Anyhow, December was released in 1982 on the Windham Hill label. Windham Hill was an indie label, founded by William Ackerman in 1976. The label was well known for featuring beautiful instrumental music, bringing together artists like Mark Isham, Jim Brickman, Liz Story, and George Winston.

One fond memory of Windham Hill records was the packaging. Each vinyl record came in a plastic sleeve, which was a nice touch. The sound quality was always top-notch, as was the music. George Winston quickly became my favorite of the label’s artists because of A) his love for Vince Guaraldi (Peanuts music composer) and B) his absolutely incredible piano pieces.

For me, December sits at the top of his catalog.

The album has been described as “perfect,” “graceful,” “gorgeous,” “breathtaking,” and “frikkin’ awesome.” (that last one was mine) If these ten tracks do not put you in a Wintery state of mind, I don’t know what will. Maybe a nice, fat snowball down your pants?

I can listen to this album on the hottest of days and still feel the chill of a cold Winter’s night. That’s the power of music… in my opinion, a power that is unmatched by any other form of art.

Right from the opening track, “Thanksgiving,” Winston puts you in an uber-relaxed mood, and the feeling just never goes away. His playing is beautiful, flowing, and as expressive as a baby’s face filled with wonder. There’s not a single track to be skipped here, as each piece settles you in like an overstuffed chair before a warm fire. Throw in a cup of hot cocoa and you’re orgasmic, baby, orgasmic… but in a peaceful manner. Is that possible???

Here’s a live performance of “Thanksgiving.”

One of my favorite pieces is “Carol of the Bells,” which, according to the album’s liner notes, is a nineteenth century Ukrainian carol. Being a pianist myself, I love how versatile the tone of the instrument is. If you close your eyes, all you hear are ringing bells… interesting trivia regarding the the high register of the piano… there are no dampers on the strings, so the notes always sustain for their natural duration.

Perhaps the most popular piece on December is “Variations on the Kanon by Johann Pachelbel”. I absolutely love Winston’s performance here. The growing intensity of his playing brings out each variation like the coming of a new day: slow but sure, warm and inviting. I’ve included this magnificent rendition in the Dig-It section below.

For the 20th Anniversary reissue of the Cd, George Winston offers the sheet music for this piece, exclusively through his website. My brother and I have spent countless hours trying to figure out his exact notation… I just might order this to see how close we were.

This is a Cd that will become a treasure in your collection. If you don’t own it, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You’ll spin it every Winter, I can practically guarantee it. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy instrumental music or not… the music here is good for the peace within your soul

Strong words, I know, but after 26 years of listening to this album, I can honestly say that in times of struggle, sometimes the only constant is the majesty of this album.

Take a listen and have your credit cards ready, as operators are standing by.

Here are the remaining 2010 concert dates for Winston. He’s great to experience live, so if you have a chance, I highly recommend taking the time to catch a show.

Sat, 11-27 Westhampton Beach, NY at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center
Wed, 12-01 New York, NY at Baruch Performing Arts Center
Fri, 12-03 Old Saybrook, CT at Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
Sun, 12-05 Londonderry, NH at Tupelo Music Hall
Wed, 12-08 Sellersville, PA at Sellersville Theatre 1894
Fri, 12-10 White River Junction, VT at Tupelo Music Hall – Vermont
Sun, 12-12 Ephrata, PA at Ephrata Main Theatre
Wed, 12-15 Edwardsville, IL at Dunham Hall Theater
Fri, 12-17 Waukegan, IL at Genesee Theatre
Sun, 12-19 La Crosse, WI at University of Wisconsin – Valhalla Auditorium
Check his official website for more info.

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: Thanksgiving
Download: Variations on the Kanon

George Winston on: [Amazon] [iTunes]


Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t think anyone on the Massachusetts Plymouth Plantation in 1621 would have thought that their celebration of thanks with the Wampanoag would endure like it has. To find out what they think of Thanksgiving, I fired up the flux capacitor and took my DeLorean DMC-12 back to that day… I sat down with Demin Smith and notified him of the fact that, on every fourth Thursday of November, we do in spirit as they did.

“I say, that is quite a story, future boy.”

“It’s true, Demin… every last word.”

“Fascinating. Tell me this, future boy… are the women in 2010 at least showing more leg?”

Yes, we had a deep, philosophical conversation.

Like you, I am extremely grateful for what I have. There are times when I tend to treat a holiday just as any other day, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Thanksgiving because I think it’s one of the most internal and personal holidays we have. This year is no different. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot to be thankful for, and although it isn’t always best to pick one day out of the year to specifically recognize that, I think it’s good that at least it’s recognized.

Instead of listing all that I’m thankful for, let me just say that whatever you’re thankful for, it’s a high probability that I’m thankful for it as well.

I will tell you this, though… I’m very thankful for you. I really appreciate your taking the time to read the posts on this site… I appreciate the comments, the jokes, the laughter, and all of the things you share with me about your life. I know that we’ve slowed down quite a bit with the posts, but we’re still here and do not plan on leaving. There’s so much music left to be heard and shared, so as long as there’s music, there will be

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you’ve given me.

What great event do I have planned for this day? I’ve planned on busting open the Lord of the Rings movies… I haven’t watched them for what seems like decades… I was considering watching all of the Star Wars films, but I don’t think I can sit in front of the television THAT long anymore.

And now I bring you the song that I was obsessed over as a child. I can remember sitting in front of the stereo for hours with my brothers, trying to decipher the words… we found it to be incredibly deep, and I hope you do too. Check it out in the Dig-It section below. Man, the song still hits me in all the right places… *single tear falls*

Thanks to Judd at for reminding me of this song. He’s got a great post up about the earliest song he can remember. It’s a great read and should spark some memories for you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! God bless.

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: Minnie’s Yoo Hoo!


MP3: The Get Up Kids – “Regent’s Court”

Stereogum recently posted a Progress Report on Kansas City band, The Get Up Kids. The band will be releasing their first record in seven years, There Are Rules, on Quality Hill Records January 25th, 2011.

The Get Up Kids bassist Rob Pope (who is also a member of Spoon) told Stereogum that the resurrection of The Get Up Kids had more to do with fun than anything else. He said, “None of us had written music together since 2003, so we thought it would be fun to at least attempt to write some music together. We were in Belgium at a festival when it was decided. We figured that we’d know pretty quickly whether or not it was going to work once we started. Luckily, it went really well … and very quickly.”

The Progress Report explains the recording process for the latest album:

No one was allowed to bring in outside ideas, so songs sprang out of impromptu jams. The band wrote nine songs in eleven days, which seemed proof enough that things were moving in the right direction. The resulting final songs, which were eventually recorded in the band’s own Kansas studios, proved to be some of the most futuristic — and weirdest — of their career.

You can read Stereogum’s full update on the band here.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, check out “Regent’s Court,” a track off the upcoming album, below in the Dig-It section. The Get Up Kids are planning a world tour in early 2011, beginning with a show in Houston, TX January 21st. For more info and music from the band, stop by their MySpace page.

2011 Tour Dates:

January 21 Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
January 22 Emo’s – Austin, TX
January 23 The Loft – Dallas, TX
January 25 Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
January 26 House Of Blues – San Diego, CA
January 27 The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA
January 28 The Glass House – Pomona, CA
January 29 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
January 30 Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA
February 1 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
February 2 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
February 3 The Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
February 4 Club Sound – Salt Lake City, UT
February 5 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Regent’s Court

The Get Up Kids on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]


Sight in Sound: Here Comes the Sun (live acoustic)

Sight in Sound: Find a photograph and put a soundtrack of one or multiple songs to it. All pictures were taken by Swapmeet Louie unless otherwise noted.


I’ve been trying to think of what to say about this shot, but in the end I got nothing because I hope the pic needs no words.

This 1972 live acoustic performance of “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison is pretty awesome, though. I’ve always loved this song… Harrison did a bang-up job on it and it remains one of my go-to-pick-me-up songs… along with songs like, “I’m Too Sexy,” by Right Said Fred and “Perfect Crime” by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Hope you dig the photo and I’m sure you’ll dig the song.

By the way… in case you didn’t know, The Beatles are now on iTunes. Click here to check it out.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Here Comes the Sun (live acoustic, 1972) – George Harrison

[Amazon] [iTunes]

Golden Triangle

MP3: Golden Triangle – “Cold Bones”

This track by Golden Triangle came out back in April of this year and I finally came across it in my iTunes. Every now and then I scroll through my music list and “drop the needle” somewhere… kind of like flipping through the dictionary and blindly picking a word to learn. Yes, I actually do that.

My latest word is “nekton” (free-swimming aquatic animals essentially independent of wave and current action).

I lead a thrilling life.

Anyhow, my mouse pointer stopped on “Cold Bones” by Brooklyn’s Golden Triangle, and boy oh boy am I glad it did. It’s a mesh of garage rock with space, if that makes any sense.

“Cold Bones” came out as a double release single with another band we’ve featured here, The Fresh and Onlys. The band also released an album earlier this year, Double Jointer… there’s not much on their official site, but visit their MySpace page for more music samples.

While reading about the band, I came across one of the more interesting quotes written about their music:

In general the music is like being in a fun haunted house and the ghosts are cool but you never totally relax because, I mean, they’re supernatural beings.

Check out “Cold Bones” below and you’ll see… they really ARE supernatural beings.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Cold Bones

Golden Triangle on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]


MP3: Broken Records – “A Leaving Song”

Scotland’s Broken Records will be releasing their sophomore album, Let Me Come Home in the US via 4AD this coming January 11th, and in anticipation of the release, they are offering a free download of their single “A Leaving Song”.

Broken Records formed in 2007 in Edinburgh, Scotland and consists of members Jamie Sutherland (vocals/guitar), Ian Turnbull (guitar), David Smith (piano/trumpet), Andrew Keeney (drums), Rory Sutherland (violin), and Craig Ross (bass). They originally came together when frontman Jamie Sutherland planned to set up a small independent label… but when the label thing didn’t come to be, Broken Records became the band name instead.

The band self-released their debut EP in 2007, their highly acclaimed debut 7″ single, “If the News Makes You Sad Don’t Watch It” in 2009, and then after signing with 4AD, released their first full length, Until the Earth Begins to Part, in 2009. The band went on to tour the UK and Europe in the fall, released their Out On The Water EP, and made their live US debut at SXSW. The band appeared as support to The National on part of their European ‘High Violet’ LP tour in July, and once again proving that television is the new radio, their music was also featured in episodes of Skins and Lost.

When speaking about the inspiration behind the new record, Let Me Come Home, Sutherland said, “An idea started to form about the direction of the new record based on several films and albums that I became gradually obsessed with at that time. Watching the widescreen emptiness of films Badlands, Rumble Fish and East Of Eden, as well as records such as Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads, Calexico’s Feast Of Wire, and REM’s early back catalogue all became a strong influence on the direction of the new songs. It was also during this time that the lyrical theme of the record started to take shape, thinking about what was going on around me in the form of fears and concerns over making relationships work, and a need for security.”

Take a listen to “A Leaving Song” below in the Dig-It section, and for more music from the band, stop by their MySpace page.

“We’re trying to do something different. People forget that music doesn’t have to be just bass, guitar and drums. It can be just as loud and exciting with glockenspiel and trumpet” – Broken Records

Let Me Come Home Tracklisting:

1. A Leaving Song
2. Modern Worksong
3. Dia dos Namarados!
4. The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
5. A Darkness Rises Up
6. Ailene
7. I Used To Dream
8. You Know You’re Not Dead
9. The Cracks In The Wall
10. Home

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: A Leaving Song

Broken Records on: [MySpace] [Twitter] [Amazon] [iTunes]


New Cut Copy – “Take Me Over”

Melbourne, Australia band Cut Copy has released the first single off their new album, Zonoscope, which is due out February 8th of next year via Modular. The single, “Take Me Over” is said to perfectly encapsulate the sound of the album, with the song being described as “chiming highlife guitars bouncing around tropical percussion reminiscent of an island holiday in a pop song.” Take a listen to the single in the player below.

Zonoscope, the follow up to Cut Copy’s well received 2008 release, In Ghost Colours, was recorded over a six month period in a warehouse space the band rented in Melbourne, Australia and was mixed in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Deerhunter).

Of the album, frontman Dan Whitford says, “All the way along we had this weird vision of a tropical, jungle, tribal sound. A place or an idea that we wanted to reach with some of the songwriting; to explore a looping hypnotic trance and revise the whole palette of what Cut Copy was about.”

Click here to check out a video of the making of the band’s third album, Zonoscope, and click here for pre-order information.

For more from the band, including music, videos, and a list of their newly announced European tour dates, stop by their MySpace page.

Cut Copy – “Take Me Over” (Radio Edit) Premiere by modularpeople

Cut Copy on: [Official Site] [MySpace] [Twitter] [Amazon] [iTunes]

Black Whales

New Black Whales – “Rattle Your Bones”

I think I’ve said this before, but I can’t help but be interested in bands that have the word “black” to start their names with. To be honest, I thought that the end of these “black so-and-so” names was with the band The Black, but I was apparently wrong because I just came across this band, Black Whales.

Based out of Seattle, Black Whales describe their music as “spacious rainy neo-traditional pop-infused folk-rock,” and released their first EP, Origins in 2009. Their latest single, “Rattle Your Bones,” came out last week and I can safely say that it passes the “listen to it in the morning” test.

The song starts of as a mellow, mid-tempo tune that reminds me of the diverse Alt. Country genre… it then finds its way into a harmonica jam. I’m always hankering for a harmonica jam, just like I’m always hankering for a picture of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Don’t judge me.

Check out “Rattle Your Bones” below and if you dig what you hear, visit their official site to pick it up or go straight to iTunes.

And catch a show if you can!

NOV 27 @ Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR
JAN 22 @ The Tractor Tavern Seattle, Washington

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Rattle Your Bones – by Black Whales
[gplayer href=”″]Rattle Your Bones[/gplayer]

Black Whales on: [Amazon] [MySpace] [iTunes]