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This Week’s New Releases: Pomegranates, Taylor Swift, Andrew Bird, Warpaint, Elizabeth & the Catapult

Below we’ve listed just a few of the notable albums that were released this week. As always, if you know of an artist or band that released an album this week that you don’t see on our list but think should be, leave us a note in the comments with a link to their site… we’re always interested in checking out new music.

pomegranatesPomegranates – One of Us

We’ve talked about Pomegranates quite a bit on the site in the last year and a half or so, and after you listen to the track below and the other tracks we’ve featured on the site, I think you’ll see why. They’re just a great band with a great sound.

Now on the Afternoon Records label, Pomegranates is back with their latest album, One of Us. I just picked it up yesterday, and I’m really looking forward to giving it a spin. Their 2009 release, Everybody, Come Outside! was one of my favorite albums of 2009, and since its release, I’ve really enjoyed keeping up on these guys.

Pomegranates have a full schedule coming up in November. Stop by their MySpace page for more info and music. They also recorded a couple Daytrotter sessions in 2008 and 2009, so if you haven’t had a chance to download those sessions, click here to check them out.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: 50sFrom One of Us

Pomegranates on: [Amazon] iTunes]

taylor swiftTaylor Swift – Speak Now

It seems like just yesterday we were covering the big reveal of the album cover for Taylor Swift’s latest release, Speak Now. Two months have passed since that day, and Swift’s album is set to bring in huge numbers this week. According to Billboard, there’s a good chance that 800,000 to 900,000 copies of the album will be sold by week’s end.

Taylor described the album as follows, “These songs are made up of words I didn’t say when the moment was right in front of me. These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person.” I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’ve seen rumors flying recently that one of the songs might be about John Mayer. Now, if that little nugget of information doesn’t get you excited about the album, then I don’t know what will. Right?

Sarcasm aside, Speak Now has been getting some pretty great reviews, and I’m sure there are some good songs on the album. Coming up on Thanksgiving night, you can get a look inside the album with a one hour “Taylor Swift: Speak Now” special airing on NBC. For more info on Swift and to preview tracks off the album, stop by her official site.

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Download: Mine (live)From Speak Now

Taylor Swift on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

Andrew BirdAndrew Bird – Useless CreaturesUseless Creatures is an “ambient experimental record” featuring Glenn Kotche of Wilco on percussion and Todd Sickafoose on double bass.

Bird has some winter dates coming up… check them out below. For more info, check out his official site, his MySpace page, and his artist page at Fat Possum Records.

December 2 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
December 6 Sixth & I Historic Synagogue – Washington, DC
December 7 Sixth & I Historic Synagogue – Washington, DC
December 8 Sixth & I Historic Synagogue – Washington, DC
December 10 Converse Hall at Tremont Temple – Boston, MA
December 15 Fourth Presbyterian Church – Chicago, IL
December 16 Fourth Presbyterian Church – Chicago, IL
December 17 Fourth Presbyterian Church – Chicago, IL

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Download: Hot MathFrom Useless Creatures

Andrew Bird on: [Amazon] iTunes]

warpaintWarpaint – The Fool

We’ve covered Warpaint quite a bit here on in the past month. Last month the band offered a free download of their single ”Undertow” off the album, which you can grab below, then earlier this month we shared the official video for ”Undertow”, which you can watch here, and finally just about a week ago we posted news of a full album stream of The Fool, which you can still listen to in full here.

The Fool has gotten some wonderful reviews. Consequence of Sound gave it 4.5/5 stars in its review, saying, ”The Fool is a success no matter how you slice it, playing like a genre record for a genre that doesn’t exist.” NME gave the album 9/10 stars and, in their review, called Warpaint “a different darkness, not delighting in splendour or show, but in deftly exploring a bleak internal, romantically bereft landscape.”

Warpaint has a packed tour schedule well into next year. To see if they’ll be playing a venue near you and for more info on the band, stop by their MySpace page.

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Download: UndertowFrom The Fool

Warpaint on: [Amazon] iTunes]

Elizabeth & The CatapultElizabeth & the Catapult – The Other Side of Zero

In 2009 Elizabeth & the Catapult’s debut album, Taller Children was released, and now they’re back with their sophomore release, The Other Side of Zero. When discussing both albums, Elizabeth Ziman says, “I’d hope there’s humor to both of our albums, but they’re actually quite different from one another. While Taller Children has the sarcastic lightness of a Woody Allen film, the new record’s more in the vein of Kubrick or Lynch. It’s a bit darker, a bit more tongue-in-cheek—another side to who we are.”

The Other Side of Zero is described as Elizabeth & the Catapult’s rawest set of recordings yet. Their debut took over two years to record, while this one took just one month. The result is as if Berg had placed a mic in a room and walked away, letting Elizabeth and drummer Danny Molad do their thing. Elizabeth says, “This record’s more abrasive, more blatantly honest—perhaps even rude at times. Maybe intentionally so.”

Take a listen to ”You and Me” below in the Dig-It section. To hear more off the album, stop by Elizabeth & the Catapult’s official site and MySpace page.

Upcoming Dates:

October 28 The Red Room @ Cafe 939 – Boston, MA
November 4 NightCat – Easton, MD
November 6 Thunderbird Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA
November 15 Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
November 16 Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
November 18 Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA
November 19 Troubador – West Hollywood, CA
November 20 Anthology – San Diego, CA

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Download: You and MeFrom The Other Side of Zero

Elizabeth & The Catapult on: [Amazon] iTunes]

Like we said, those are just a few of the many albums being released today. For a great list of all the new releases and reissues, stop by Largehearted Boy.

Thanks always for reading and commenting. We really appreciate it.


New Video: OMD – “Sister Marie Says”

OMD has named the second single from History of Modern and it turns out to be “Sister Marie Says.” The song actually dates back to the early 80’s, which is why out of all the songs on the record, this one sounds so much like what could be considered “classic” OMD.

I’m not surprised “Sister Marie Says” is the second single. After listening to the album multiple times, I felt the toss up for the second single was between “New Babies New Toys” and “Sister.” I’ll say this, though, I kind of thought “New Babies” would get the call because it’s a more up-to-date track for OMD… plus, it has an attitude that takes a stand, which is always great to hear from any band.

You can check out our review of History of Modern here.

The video for “Sister Marie Says” has been released. It was a MySpace exclusive, which makes me wonder how many of you still use MySpace. We link to MySpace a lot here, which shows that bands and labels are still utilizing the network for promotion… and it has the music player that Twitter and Facebook don’t have… I’m just curious how many of you still use MySpace as your #1 social networking site.

But I digress… check out the video:

Sister Marie Says

OMD | Myspace Music Videos

This is one of those “color by numbers” videos for me. It’s got a teen with an overbearing parent, signs of torment, signs of conflict, and some religious images thrown in for good measure. All it needed was for her to run off with the band and you’d have an Oscar-worthy short film in your hands.

Sister Marie Says” will be released on November 15, but you can pre-order it now here, The single comes in a color vinyl along with the B-sides “History of Modern (parts III & IV).” I have no idea what color the vinyl will come in, but based on the cover, I’m going to say purple.

Or not purple. Definitely one of the two.

OMD on: [Amazon] [iTunes]


New Lykke Li Track – “Get Some” + “I’m Good, I’m Gone” (acoustic)

Back in 2008, Swedish singer Lykke Li released her debut album, Youth Novels… along came with it positive reviews and spots on a few “best of” lists for that year. Q magazine ranked it #37 on their best albums of the year list (January 2009. p. 82) and had the hit, “I’m Good, I’m Gone.”

In case you forgot what this song sounds like, here’s an acoustic performance of it:

Download: I’m Good, I’m Gone (acoustic)

Anyhow, Lykke Li is back with another most infectious track, “Get Some.”

I took a listen to this song about 35 minutes ago and I can’t stop playing it. What’s truly awesome about this is that as I played it, the sun finally came out after a week’s worth of rain and gloom.

That’s gotta have some cache.

So take a listen to “Get Some” below and if you like it, click here to grab a copy of it along with the B-Side, “Paris Blue,” for free.

Remember, click here for that link.

That’s here.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Get Some – by Lykke Li
[gplayer href=”″]Get Some[/gplayer]

Lykke Li on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]

Girls Band

New from Girls – “Heartbreaker” off their Upcoming EP

Girls may be an odd band name for a group of guys, but it works because well, I remember it.

The actual members are all guys (how ironic) and include Christopher Owens, Chet White, John Anderson, Garett Godard, and Matthew Kallman. I’m not sure what each person does aside from Owens (vocals), but the end result is music like the featured track here, “Heartbreaker.”

Whenever I see a song with that title, my first thought is of Led Zeppelin‘s “Heartbreaker,” or even the one by Pat BenetarGirls“Heartbreaker” sounds nothing like those two… it’s far more serene and is musically less biting.

Their label, True Panther, explains that their music “captures the mind-bent and sun-brushed outlook of life in San Francisco. Taking the classic California pop template perfected by Brian Wilson and applying a woozy, narcotic makeover, Girls make music that glorifies adolescence – a time of hopeful confusion and love strong enough to hurt you. You’ll detect 50’s surf-pop, 60’s psychedelia and 80’s shoegaze at play here – the West Coast-by-way-of-somewhere-else – but ultimately San Francisco washes over this music.”

Girls‘ debut album, titled Album, was released in 2009 and received positive reviews. It was ranked #5 on Spin Magazine’s best albums of 2009 list, and #10 on Pitchfork’s similar list. “Heartbreaker” is off their new EP, Broken Dreams Club, which is set to drop on November 22.

Take a listen to “Heartbreaker” below and if you dig it, click here to download it for free.

According to their MySpace page, their upcoming show dates are all in Australia.

Dec 8 2010 9:00P Manning Bar in Sydney
Dec 9 2010 9:00P Zoo in Brisbane
Dec 10 2010 9:00P Corner Hotel in Melbourne
Dec 11 2010 9:00P Meredith Music Festival in Meredith

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Heartbreaker – From Broken Dreams Club EP
[gplayer href=”″]Heartbreaker[/gplayer]

Girls on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]

Kurt Vile

MP3: Kurt Vile – “In My Time”

Kurt Vile‘s day job is the lead guitarist position in the band The War on Drugs. He does a fine job in that band, and I’m sure he enjoys it as much as any lead guitarist would in any band.

Vile also has a solo career, though, and has released three albums… the latest being Childish Prodigy. Although I’m familiar with The War on Drugs, I have to admit that I’m completely oblivious to Vile’s solo work.

His new single, “In My Time,” could be an indication as to why that is so.

I’ve been listening to this song for the past 25 minutes, and I swear to you… I still cannot for the life of me sing it. The song is only 3:29 long, so that means I’ve spun it at least 7 times. I figure if I can’t pick out the melody after 7 listens, I’m probably not going to by the end of the night.

He sounds like he’s making up the vocal line as he listens to the instrumental (which isn’t too interesting, either). I don’t think he’ll win any awards as a vocalist anytime soon. I’m all for experimentation, but I honestly don’t think he’s experimenting here… I think he’s actually trying to sing some sort of melody.

Wow. I can’t listen anymore. See if you can.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: In My Time

Kurt Vile on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]


MP3: Deerhoof – “The Merry Barracks”

Deerhoof will be releasing a new album January 25th, and now you can get a preview of what’s to come with a track off the album, “The Merry Barracks” that the band has released as a free download.

Formed in 1994, Deerhoof is made up of Greg Saunier, Ed Rodriguez, John Dieterich, and Satomi Matsuzaki. The four members up and left San Francisco and are now releasing Deerhoof vs. Evil, an album they describe as “the musical equivalent of hormones raging out of control.” The songs on the album, minus “Let’s Dance the Jet” and “I Did Crimes for You,” were completely self-recorded, mixed and mastered in practice spaces and basements with no engineers or outside input.

The result, according to the band is “polished, blissfully exuberant, and huge-sounding. Going DIY meant freedom to reinvent themselves, playing each others’ instruments, altering those instruments so drastically as to be unrecognizable, and generally splashing their sonic colors into the most unexpected combinations.”

The result, according to me, is “pretty friggin’ cool.” I don’t know about you, but sometimes… sometimes “pretty friggin’ cool” trumps everything.

Deerhoof vs. Evil is set to be released in several formats, including limited edition pink vinyl. You can check out all the options as well as pre-order the album on Polyvinyl Records here. To hear more from the band, make sure to stop by their MySpace page.


1) Qui Dorm, Només Somia
2) Behold a Marvel in the Darkness
3) The Merry Barracks
4) No One Asked to Dance
5) Let’s Dance the Jet
6) Super Duper Rescue Heads!
7) Must Fight Current
8) Secret Mobilization
9) Hey I Can
10) C’Moon
11) I Did Crimes for You
12) Almost Everyone, Almost Always

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: The Merry Barracks

Deerhoof on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]


MP3: Kanye West – “Don’t Look Down” (feat. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco & Big Sean)

Ahhh… another G.O.O.D. Friday track and all is well with the world.

Anyway, on to this weeks G.O.O.D. Friday track. This one features Mos Def, Big Sean, and Lupe Fiasco… at least I recognize these names.

There have been a couple of interesting bits of news for Kanye West this past week. First off, he revealed that his teeth are diamonds. Yes. Diamonds. As in real friggin’ diamonds. “I just thought that diamonds were cooler,” he told Ellen Degeneres when he visited her show the other day.

He then added, “It’s really my real teeth. I replaced my bottom row of teeth. I guess there’s just certain things that rock stars are supposed to do.”

Well, I guess he can finally eat glass… at least with his bottom teeth. His top row will be crushed and he’ll probably bleed to death through his gums, but f*** it, his bottom teeth will be gooood to go.

THAT, my friends, is nothing short of pure awesomenessicitinessocity.

An another Kanye-related article, Speakeasy wonders if the whole 2009 VMA awards incident with Taylor Swift help Swift’s career. “The Kanye incident brought attention to Taylor, to an audience that did not really know her or her music,” says Scott Borchetta, the president of Big Machine, the record label that puts out Swift’s music. “And when they did check it out, they discovered that they really liked it” (Speakeasy, 2010).

Check it out for a story that should just die but won’t.

And finally, earlier this week Kanye tweeted this:

Then a few minutes later tweeted this:

What came after that was a shower of retweets from Kanye… I am pretty sure he retweeted every single reply with every single line he’s ever said – and then some.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at his Twitter profile – that’s a whole lot of retweet action.

I’m not sure if he has shared his favorite yet, but he did share this little bit of news Thursday morning:

Okay then… but I really don’t think that will happen until you put real diamonds on your top row of teeth.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Don’t Look Down (feat. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, and Big Sean)

Kanye West on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

NOrah Jones

Norah Jones to Perform on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Oct. 25 + New Album Details

I got this email the other day, and instead of paraphrasing, I thought it’d just be easier to post the whole friggin’ thing:

Grammy Award winning artist, Norah Jones will be performing live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Monday, October 25th. The American singer-songwriter will perform “Chasing Pirates” as well as several other songs from her forthcoming album …Featuring with legendary hip-hop group, turned house band, The Roots. Check your local listings for more information and make sure you tune in to NBC to watch Norah Jones give a special televised performance!

Are you excited for this “special televised performance?” I know one guy who is…



Yeah, I have no idea who the heck that is.

Anyhow, the email included more bits of information on Norah Jones… it seems that the album mentioned above, …Featuring, is set to drop on November 16.

Here’s how exciting the email made the record sound:

…Featuring is a star-studded collection of the multi-platinum selling, multi-Grammy Award winning singer Norah Jones’s musical collaborations from the past decade. The 18 songs on the album include duets with such legends as Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton, and with 21st Century icons from OutKast to the Foo Fighters. The tracks span Jones’ entire career, and reveal her astonishing musical versatility, from jazz to country, hip-hop to rock. The result serves as a kind of parallel history to her own four albums, which have sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

Doesn’t that email make it sound thrilling?

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Love Me – The Little Willies
2. Virginia Moon – The Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones
3. Turn Them – Sean Bones featuring Norah Jones
4. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Willie Nelson featuring Norah Jones
5. Bull Rider – Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson
6. Ruler Of My Heart – Dirty Dozen Brass Band featuring Norah Jones
7. The Best Part – El Madmo
8. Take Off Your Cool – OutKast featuring Norah Jones
9. Life Is Better – Q-Tip featuring Norah Jones
10. Soon The New Day – Talib Kweli featuring Norah Jones
11. Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John – Belle & Sebastian featuring Norah Jones
12. Here We Go Again – Ray Charles featuring Norah Jones
13. Loretta – Norah Jones featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
14. Dear John – Ryan Adams featuring Norah Jones
15. Creepin’ In – Norah Jones featuring Dolly Parton
16. Court & Spark – Herbie Hancock featuring Norah Jones
17. More Than This – Charlie Hunter featuring Norah Jones
18. Blue Bayou – Norah Jones featuring M. Ward

I’m actually looking forward to this record. I mean, how can it miss if it’s a “star-studded collection?” I haven’t come across a “star-studded collection” since I went to last year’s Halloween party as Elvis Presley.

Watch Jones on Fallon on October 25th! It’ll be mmmmmmmmmmagical! (jazz hands included)

Norah Jones on: [Amazon] [iTunesicon]

Mean Creek

MP3: Mean Creek – “The Comedian”

I love songs that build to a frenzy. I love that feeling of knowing what’s going to happen and then getting that payoff. All I want is the payoff…

Mean Creek apparently knows this about me (even though we’ve never met) and found a way to put all that knowledge into their stunning track, “The Comedian.”

Voted “Best Boston Act” in the 2010 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll, Mean Creek surely lives up to their name in “The Comedian.” There’s no doubt about the power, intensity, and focus of their music… the whole band moves with each tortured note… cap it all off with singer Chris Keene’s desperate howl and you got yourself one hell of a song.

The amazing thing about this band is that the B-side to “The Comedian” is yet ANOTHER stellar track, “Liar/Thief.” You can hear this song on their MySpace page.

The song was released back in July, but since Mean Creek is apparently set to begin recording their next album in November with producer John Agnello (The Hold Steady, Dinosaur Jr.), I thought it was fitting to share it with you all. Agnello also worked with them on “The Comedian,” and according to Paste magazine, “Keene says Agnello helped the band harness the raw energy that defines their live performances and hopes the forthcoming record will have a similar classic-rock meets bluesy-grunge feel.”

If the album pays off like “The Comedian,” then I’m going to need a bigger boat.

Oct 29 2010 8:00P @ Bowery Ballroom w/ Bettie Serveert in New York, NY
Nov 19 2010 8:00P @ Space Gallery w/ The No. 9, and Audrey Ryan in Portland, Maine

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: The Comedian

Mean Creek on: [MySpace] [Amazon] [iTunes]