Josh Ritter stopped by QTV’s Studio Q in Canada Thursday to promote his latest release, So Runs The World Away, and while there, he performed a live version of “Monster Ballads” off his The Animal Years album.

Click on the image below to watch video of the gorgeous in-studio performance.

As we told you earlier here, Josh has started a series on his blog about making a life in music, and just a couple days ago posted the fourth volume in the series. So far he’s covered the following:

1) Making a Life in Music, Vol. 1: “We’re All Gonna Die”
2) Making a Life in Music, Vol. 2: “Goals”
3) Making a Life in Music, Vol. 3: “Open Mics and The Glamorous Bottom”
4) Making a Life in Music, Vol. 4: “What the Hell a Manager Does”

If you’ve missed any of the series, you can click here to catch up.

Josh is currently on tour in Canada and will be heading to the US next week. To see if he’ll be playing a venue near you, check out his tour schedule here.

Josh Ritter on: [Official Site] [Amazon] [iTunes]

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2 thoughts on “Video: Josh Ritter – “Monster Ballads” (Live in Studio Q)

  1. Thanks for this, Swap! After seeing his live show last Saturday night in Northampton MA, I cannot wait to be able to get to another show. We happened upon him in a ticket office in the afternoon, just finishing up an acoustic thing for local radio, and he was doing an impromptu M&G. In addition to being talented, he is as charming and as nice as can be. The show was wonderful.

    It was a full band show, but he did a lot of acoustic too and he’s got the voice of an angel. Either the band left the stage or they sat quietly. He also unplugs and stands in front of the mic and just sings and plays. For one song, he asked for the lights to be turned off, it was pitch dark and all you could hear was his voice, unaided by the mic, if a pin dropped in the audience you would have heard it. At one point he had the audience singing/humming along softly with him. What a sensory treat!

    For the last song in the encore, his band left their instruments, gathered around a mic and sang backup. Josh is quite the guitar player himself, and the only other beat was the drummer keeping it with his heel.

    He seems to surround himself with awesome, friendly and professional people. We saw him after the show too, and he does not take any of this for granted. He is sweet, and humble, and yes folks, adorable.

  2. I usually don’t get on much during the weekend but I had to sign in because I saw you posted something about Josh 🙂 I might just be a little obsessed with his music. Just a little. Gorgeous performance is right, he is just so darn talented. If I could just go see one artist live for the rest of my life it would be him, his love for what he is doing on stage is so infectious.

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