I woke up this morning to an email about Youth Sounds, a band that got its start in New Orleans back in 2009. As always, I took a listen, totally dug what I heard, and am now sharing my good fortune with you.

Youth Sounds‘ debut offering, The Bit Parts, is a 3-song EP that held my attention from beginning to end. For a young band, their songs aren’t lost in a jumble of attempts to be diverse… they’re focused, clean, and sound as if they’ve been doing this for years.

Which is probably true… Youth Sounds co-founders, siblings Erika and Federico Mejia, got their start singing in church choirs. As Frederico explains, “There are important memories that we all have, that for some reason or another are tied to whatever music spoke to us the most at that particular time. It’s always the music of our youth, past loves, past successes and past failures and that’s what the name and our music encompasses.”

So I guess it makes sense that their music came out of the womb as adults.

Take a listen to the opening track, “As Stranger Would.” Trust me when I say that if you like this song, you’ll dig the entire EP.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

As Strangers Would – by Youth Sounds
[gplayer href=”http://www.mediafire.com/file/72s1pmev04cwjq0/01%20As%20Strangers%20Would.mp3″]As Strangers Would[/gplayer]

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3 thoughts on “Youth Sounds – “As Strangers Would”

  1. I really like this track. And I (and probably every other music fan out there) can relate to the quote about memories being tied to music… every significant period of my life or memories I have seem to be tied to some song, album, band, etc.

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