Neil Young: ‘Le Noise’ – The Film

Today Neil Young premiered a nearly 40 minute black and white film, Le Noise, that features performances of songs off his latest album of the same name. The film, which you can watch below, was directed by Adam Vollick and was shot on at producer Daniel Lanois’ home studio in Silverlake, CA. As you know from my review of Le Noise, which you can find here, I can’t say enough how much I dig this album, so it’ll probably come as no surprise to you that I find this film just as good.

Watching Young perform with such passion is truly inspiring… plus, I love that Gretsch White Falcon guitar. Somebody get me that guitar. I’ll pay a handsome sum for it… like… say… more than $10 but less than $1,000,000. Somewhere in between.


Geico Rhetorical Question man

Top 6 “Could Switching to Geico Really Save You 15%?” Commercials (for now)

I hate commercials.

Wait… let me clarify… I hate MOST commercials.

There are only a handful of companies that make commercials I will actually pay attention to, and Geico is at the top of that list. They’ve done the caveman bits, the gecko bits, and my current favorite, the “Rhetorical Question” bit. These “Rhetorical Question” bits are courtesy of The Martin Agency,‘s 2009 Agency of the Year.

I laugh every single time these commercials come on, so I thought I’d do a Top 6 “Could Switching to Geico Really Save You 15%?” Commercials (for now) post. They’re hilarious and I hope they keep making them for a long, long time.

Let me know what your favorites are!

Honorable Mention: Socking news with octopus

This isn’t a “Could Switching to Geico Really Save You 15%?” commercial, but it’s hilarious and I laugh every time I see it.

6. Can football commentator Andres Cantor make any game exciting?

The look on the chess player at the end of this commercial is the best part. It’s subtle, but it’s there and says it all:

5. Is the Bird in the Hand worth two in the bush?

I absolutely LOVE the woman’s reaction. It’s corny enough to be fake, yet corny enough to be genuine. Plus, the actual bird in the hand sculpture is so tacky I could actually see it being made in the 70’s.

4. Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle?

This was the first one I ever saw. I laughed my butt off at the end when Daniels snags the breadstick and gives the diner a little nod. If this ever really happened in a restaurant, I wold have paid money to have been there.

3. Was Honest Abe really honest?

The tortured and conflicted look on Honest Abe is classic!

2. Does a former Drill Sergeant make a terrible therapist?

The best part is when the drill sergeant (R. Lee Ermey) throws the box of tissues.

1. Did the Piggy really cry Whee Whee Whee all the way home?

My all-time favorite (for now). I never envisioned what it would look like to witness the little piggy (Maxwell) cry “whee whee whee” all the way home… now I know.

What’s your favorite “Could Switching to Geico Really Save You 15%?” commercial?


Must Watch: Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon – “A History of Rap”

Last night Justin Timberlake stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film, The Social Network, which opens this weekend, and while discussing their love for hip-hop and The Sugarhill Gang, the two broke out into “A History of Rap”, an awesome medley of some of the greatest hip-hop songs known to man… with The Roots on back-up. Take a look:

I don’t even know where to start on this one.

First off, Fallon is getting funnier and funnier by the month, and Justin Timberlake is always funny. He’s one of those celebrities that have no problem acting like a fool just because he can and obviously enjoys it. I know that he’s considered a sex symbol, but he’s just a little dorky guy that loves being a dork.

LOVE that about him.

That’s probably a bit too much man-love going on here, so I’m going to stop.

The video is awesome and should be preserved by the Smithsonian. It’s ALMOST as cool as this Evolution of Dance performance by Judson Laipply. 153,040,292 plays and counting.

Holy s*** that’s a lot of plays.

I REALLY need to learn how to dance. Or rap. Or rap-dance… or “rance,” as it’s commonly referred to by nobody else but me.

One Eyed Jacks Band

Preview: One Eyed Jacks – “Lifeline”

I got an email about a week ago about One Eyed Jacks… I marked it but it completely slipped my mind. Thank The Maker I got another email reminding me to take a listen.

Follow-ups are always welcome because there’s simply so much to listen to, it’s quite easy to get lost in the mix.

Taking their name from David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks, the London based One Eyed Jacks have had to overcome some trying times on their way to recording their second record, In Memory… It seems that the band was nearly completely revamped, the singer lost a close friend, and the bassist had to heal from a near-fatal stabbing before joining. There’s already a pretty dark story there, and it shows through in this featured track, “Lifeline.”

I guess that’s a fitting title for the band right now.

The band describes the song as “a song not only about loss, but hope, remorse, ever enduring love and the fragility of our own mortality.” It has a majestic quality that seems to build from songwriter Michael Goward’s ruins as he tries to make sense of everything that has transpired for not only himself but for the group as well. It’s a glorious listen and is sure to make you see the sunrise in a way you perhaps have never seen it before.

“Lifeline” is a great find for me, and I hope you give it a shot. The song is set for an October 25th release on Chrissy Records, with the In Memory… EP expected to drop on November 15th. I believe you can stream it now on their MySpace site.

Based on “Lifeline,” I’m planning on picking it up to add to my library. The music is just too good to be ignored.

I’m going to send myself an email as a reminder… and this time I’ll be sure to check it.

Take a listen to “Lifeline” below in the Dig-it section, and make sure to check out the various One Eyed Jacks links for more info.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

One Eyed Jacks – Lifeline
[gplayer href=”″]Lifeline[/gplayer]

One Eyed Jacks on: [MySpace] [Facebook] [Amazon] [iTunes]


Not-So-Good Friday: Kanye West Pulls the Plug due to Album Leaks

If you’re a regular reader here at, you know that we’ve been covering Kanye West quite a bit lately. About six weeks ago he started a weekly ritual called Good Friday, where he posts a new, free track to download every Friday. These tracks have included collaborations with artists such as Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi. I’ve really started looking forward to Good Fridays, and as I posted previously, I believe my appreciation for hip-hop has increased lately because of this weekly ritual.

As most of you know, Kanye has a new album he’s been working on that is set to be released this fall. This week it seems someone has gotten their hands on unfinished tracks and posted them on the internet, and in light of these events, Kanye tweeted the following:

Kanye goes on to tweet:

It’s messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone… I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them to you guys in there most completed form… It would have seemed like since I give free music every week even the lowest form of human being would respect that enough not to leak unfinished songs from my real album… I’m in the studio or editing suite every night to 3am finishing the film and the album or practicing for my SNL performance. We’ve got 4 engineers mixing the album to finish it as soon as possible.

Album/song leaks have almost become the norm nowadays. It’s not surprising when an entire record is leaked weeks before the actual drop date… not surprising to the point that some are led to believe it’s merely a publicity stunt. I remember when Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs leaked… it didn’t shock me in the least (we even posted radio rips of the leaked tracks), and when Sufjin Stevens’ The Age of Adz leaked all over the internet this last week… well, I didn’t pay much attention to whether it was deliberate or not… I merely accepted it and moved on.

I guess that’s why posting leaked tracks doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for the blogosphere.

But now Kanye’s unfinished album is slowly getting the leak treatment, and we know that it’s not something he approves of. Being a musician and having worked with some talented artists, I can relate to his disappointment. Artists work hard on their craft and their product… they lose sleep, they stress over it, they see long hours in the studio… and that’s after spending a good chunk of time writing the material… so to lose that sense of control on what the public hears first is a huge blow to their entire process.

Even big name artists have dreams left to be fulfilled… every album is a slice of that dream realized. To take that away from them is like taking away a piece of their soul. I need to remember that, too… I know I can get so caught up in the music that, at times, I can forget all that.

As crazy as it sounds, I’m really going to miss Good Friday if Kanye does, in fact, pass on it this week. I hope he reconsiders, but I see his point and understand if he doesn’t.

Kanye West on: [Amazon] [iTunes]


And the Winner Is…. Well, Not YOU!

The Live Finale of Australia’s version of Next Top Model took a strange turn when the show’s host accidentally announced the wrong name as this season’s winner.

Take a look:

Wow. Ever see those “Wanna get away?” commercials?

Those end credits couldn’t come on fast enough. I can just hear the director screaming, “ROLL CREDITS! ROLL THE F***IN’ CREDITS, MAN!!!!!”

That has got to be one of the most anti-climactic endings to any competition show in the history of competition shows. You have to hand it to the girl who didn’t win… she showed major class and handled herself well.

By the way, this has got to be the funniest “Wanna get away?” commercial yet:

I bet you that Australian Next Top Model host wishes she were the splat guy.


[Review] Neil Young: Le Noise

One movie that has affected me more than I’d like to admit is 8mm. This movie made my skin crawl… it made me paranoid, made me sick, made me angry… it made me see the world in a different way for a short while… I remember forcing myself to calm down after viewing it… it had THAT big of an impact.

Even more of an impact that epic films like, Saving Private Ryan or Titanic.

The reason why I bring up 8mm is because even though it wasn’t an “epic” movie, it packed more of a punch than nearly anything I’ve seen since. I still remember that feeling, and to this day it send chills down my spine.

When I really think about it, the thing about that film that gets to me is that it makes me feel things about myself that I don’t want to admit. Somehow, director Joel Schumacher reached down into the depths of my soul where I keep all my closeted demons, unlocked the door, and unleashed them into my very being. It forced me to face things about myself… disturbing as it was, I had no choice but to stare them down.

Neil Young‘s latest offering, Le Noise has done the same thing to me.

In the 38 minutes it takes to get to the end, I felt like I was in a vacuum, spinning around with all these pieces of those demons flying about me… some stuck, some didn’t… it raged me like a bullet and I did nothing to stop it from happening… felt like if those pieces completely engulfed me, I’d be someone I’ve always wanted to be. It’s an incredibly fascinating sensation. I hope you’re not thinking, “Man, he’s gone off the deep end.”

Le Noise is a solo record that possesses one of the most harrowing guitar sounds ever committed to tape. There are no drums, no bass, nothing except Young and his guitar… but that sound… there are no words except to say that it’s to guitars as Johnny Cash‘s voice is to vocals.

The odd thing is, the most compelling moment for me is found on the delicate acoustic track, “Love and War,” as Young delivers one of his most revealing performances. The song appears to be another one about the perils of war, but it’s so much more than that. I took the lyric as Young’s reflection on his long legacy of lyrical topics, and about how determined he is to get his message across… you can hear the uneasy confidence of his voice throughout the song as he contemplates:

Said a lot of things that I can’t take back, and I don’t even know if I want to
In songs about love, I sang songs about war since the backstreets of Toronto
I sang for justice and I hit a bad chord, but I still try to sing about love and war

It’s this self-realization that reminds me of 8mm. It’s hard to admit your faults, your deepest secrets and regrets… even to yourself it’s hard… but in the end, you try to push past it all and keep on doing what you’ve always done. If we do give into our demons, then what else is there to live for?

What all this amounts to is a record that can be seemingly digested in one sitting, but then after you’re done, you realize that you didn’t quite taste it all. Sure, you got the basic ideas – Young takes on subject matters like self reflection, global politics, love, and the degradation of the human spirit – but there’s far more going on than meets the eye (ear).

I get the feeling that after 33 solo studio albums, Young is ready to do it all again… but this time, he really means it, if that makes any sense.

Would I recommend Le Noise? Let me put it this way… I think it’ll end up somewhere on my “best of 2010” list. For those of you already familiar with Young and have been following him up to this point, the record will give you a jolt, that’s for sure. It’s unlike anything I’ve heard from him in the past decade, and could very well be a rebirth of sorts. Producer Daniel Lanois has found a way to match the music with Young’s intentions, and the results are truly something to marvel at.

Just like 8mm, Le Noise is not pretty. There’s no glossiness to it… at times it’s darn right difficult to hear. It’s probably not an album that you’d ever sing to, that you’d ever relax to, it’s not even one that you would play for anybody else but yourself… but it’s a powerful record that, should you spend time with it, will be that sign on the door that says, “Enter If You Dare.”

Whether to proceed is entirely up to you. It is my hope that you do and don’t look back.


Neil Young on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

MP3: Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s – “Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic”

It’s exactly midnight right now… the weather in Southern California has been just a few degrees shy of a furnace and the end doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight. I’ve succumbed to this heat and finally turned on the air conditioner… it’s been miserable and it makes one completely unmotivated for anything but keeping cool… the only saving grace is that the music is still flowing, and the featured track here is living proof that there’s an oasis to be found everywhere you look.

“Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic” by Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s came on my iTunes and has been on repeat now for the past half hour. It’s a slow acoustic number that is as tragic as it is beautiful.

Off their latest record, Buzzard, the track follows the escapades of Allison the “lunatic.” She has a “crack-pot mind,” she’s a “drama queen,” and has “clearly lost her cool.”

Sounds like someone once dated.

If the lyrics were read on their own, they’d probably be pretty funny… but it’s the sad music underneath that makes you pull for Allison. The thought, “she’s just misunderstood,” comes to mind, especially when you put the intro as a backdrop to the whole thing:

Brothers and sisters, sometimes you feel like you can’t succeed… and I’m here to tell you that you’re probably right. But if you stay strong, everything will be all right.

It’s a lyric that’s got me thinking tonight. I should be sleeping, but all I have on my mind is Allison and what the heck she’s doing right now.

Songs like this drive me mad because I can’t get them out of my mind.

Now I’m going to have to pick up Buzzard.

And find some way to fall asleep.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic

Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s on: [Amazon] [iTunes]


Split 7″: Stornoway / Ra Ra Riot – ‘Fuel Up b/w Boy’ + New Stornoway North American Tour Dates

This morning as I was catching up on Twitter (follow me here), I came across the following tweet from Ra Ra Riot:

@rarariot: Check out our split 7″ with Stornoway out via 4AD & DL a free mp3 of theirs here: @TheOldBlindMan

So, I did just that.

The 7″, which is released this week via 4AD, is limited to 1000 copies and features Stornoway’s “Fuel Up” and Ra Ra Riot’s “Boy”.

From 4AD’s website:

Limited to just 1000 copies and artworked by Chris Bigg from v23, it marries respective album highlights ‘Fuel Up’ from Stornoway (taken from their debut Beachcomber’s Windowsill) with Ra Ra Riot’s ‘Boy’ (taken from their recent second album, The Orchard). Once sold out, it won’t receive a repressing.

Purchase the 7″ HERE.

We recently reviewed Ra Ra Riot’s latest release, Orchard. If you missed the review, you can check it out here. On September 20th Ra Ra Riot recorded a Daytrotter session, which you can check out and download here. On the 23rd the band stopped by NPR for their Soundcheck: In Studio series, and you can check that studio appearance here. Ra Ra Riot continues to tour… view their full tour schedule below.

At the beginning of the month we wrote about Stornoway’s 4AD Session, where the band performed in a gorgeous rotunda setting. Check out the video of them playing “Fuel Up” here. You can download the studio version of the song below in the Dig-It section. Along side the 7″ release, Stornoway announced a North American tour starting in November. The band will hit Europe at the start of the month and then head to the US, with their first US date taking place at Minneapolis’ Cedar Cultural Center. Check out their full schedule below.

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: Fuel Up – Stornoway
Download: Boy – Ra Ra Riot

Stornoway on: [Amazon] [iTunes]
Ra Ra Riot on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

Upcoming Stornoway Tour Dates:

2 Birmingham Institute
3 Bristol Anson Rooms
4 Oxford Brookes University
6 Paris Festival Les Inrocks
9 Liverpool O2 Academy 2
10 Manchester Academy 2
11 Leeds Cockpit
13 Southampton University
14 Cambridge Junction
15 Norwich Waterfront
17 London Shepherds Bush Empire
North America
26 Minneapolis, MN Cedar Cultural Center*
27 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall*
28 Chicago, IL Schubas*
29 Gambier, OH Kenyon College*
30 Toronto, ON El Mocambo*
2 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom*
3 Boston, MA TT the Bear’s*
4 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brendas*
5 Washington, DC Black Cat Backstage*
8 Vancouver, BC The Biltmore**
9 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
10 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge**
12 San Francisco, CA The Independent**
13 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour**

* with Franz Nicolay & Major General
** with The Head and the Heart

Upcoming Ra Ra Riot Tour Dates:

1 Boston, MA Royale #
2 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero #
3 Pittsburgh, PA Diesel #
4 Ann Arbor, MI Blind Pig #
5 Chicago, IL Metro #
7 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theatre #
8 Omaha, NE Waiting Room #
9 Lawrence, KS The Granada Theatre #
11 Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre #
12 Salt Lake City, UT In the Venue #
13 Reno, NV The Alley #
17 San Francisco, CA Treasure Island Music Festival
19 Pomona, CA Glass House $
20 Los Angeles, CA The Music Box @ Henry Fonda $ ^
21 San Diego, CA Belly Up Tavern $ ^
22 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse $ ^
24 San Antonio, TX White Rabbits $ ^
26 Austin, TX Emo’s $ ^
27 Houston, TX Warehouse Live $ ^
28 Dallas, TX Granada Theatre $ ^
29 Little Rock, AR Rev Room $ ^
30 Nashville, TN Exit/In $ ^
1 Birmingham, AL Workplay Theatre $
2 Atlanta, GA Masquerade-Hell Room $
3 Asheville, NC Orange Peel $
4 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle $
5 Washington, DC 930 Club $
13 Vancouver, BC The Commodore %
17 Calgary, AB MacEwan Hall %
19 Saskatoon, SK Louis’ Pub %
20 Winnipeg, MB The Garric %
1 Toronto, ON The Mod Club *
2 Waterloo, ON Starlight Room *
3 Montreal, QC Il Motore *
4 Kingston, ON Chalmers United Church *

w/ Chikita Violenta and We Barbarians #
w/ Villagers ^
w/ Givers $
w/ Wintersleep %
w/ The Most Serene Republic and Imaginary Cities *


Preview and Download Tracks from 16 of This Week’s New Releases: Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Deerhunter, Jimmy Eat World, and more

We’ve got quite a few great releases for you this week, and this time around we’re going to try to fit them all in one post. Take a look at our quick rundown, and as always, if you dig what you hear, support the artists by picking up an album or two.

eric claptonEric Clapton – Clapton

Eric Clapton is back with his 19th studio album, Clapton via Reprise Records. Of the album, Clapton says, “This album wasn’t what it was intended to be at all. It’s actually better than it was meant to be because, in a way, I just let it happen. It’s an eclectic collection of songs that weren’t really on the map—and I like it so much because if it’s a surprise to the fans, that’s only because it’s a surprise to me, as well.”

I’ve been spinning the Clapton album this week and will hopefully have a review up shortly. In a review for Popdose, Michael Fortes says, “Clapton finds its namesake aging with good taste and the grace of mastery as he plays the kind of blues that elicits smiles of joy. May that joy keep raining down upon us.” Read the full review here.

Along with the standard 14 track cd, there are also several vendor-specific editions available that offer things from t-shirts to bonus tracks. Check out all the purchase options here.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Rocking Chair – From Clapton

Eric Clapton on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

neil youngNeil Young – Le Noise

Another album I’m excited to review soon is the latest offering from Neil Young, Le Noise. The album consists of eight tracks and is a collaboration between Young and producer Daniel Lanois, who is known for his work with U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, and more.

In a post about Le Noise, our friend Judd at The 6149 described Young by saying, “He doesn’t reinvent himself. His magic is that he is in a continual process of self-discovery. The Vista and Muse are his guides…the music is his True North. Some of his releases are brilliant. Some of them are shit. Some of them are brilliant pieces of shit. This is brilliant. This is new Neil…actually, it is Now Neil. He is never new…just now.”

Le Noise is being released in several formats, including standard CD, vinyl, digital download, and as a deluxe CD/DVD. The DVD portion features eight black and white films of Young performing each song solo on acoustic and electric guitar live in the studio.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Walk With Me – From Le Noise

Neil Young on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

phil collinsPhil Collins – Going Back

Having been released yesterday, Phil Collins‘ 18 track album, Going Back, Going Back, has already reached #1 in the UK. The album is Collins’ first new release in eight years, and this is the first time in 12 years that Collins has topped the UK charts.

Of Going Back, Collins says, “It shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that I’ve finally made an album of my favourite Motown songs. These songs along with a couple of Dusty Springfield tracks, a Phil Spector/Ronettes tune, and one by the Impressions make up the tapestry, the backdrop, of my teenage years… My idea, though, was not to bring anything ‘new’ to these already great records, but to try to recreate the sounds and feelings that I had when I first heard them. My intention was to make an ‘old’ record, not a ‘new’ record.”

Check out Jeff Giles’ latest post in Popdose’s You Again? series, where he’s conflicted about the album. He ends the post with “…if you do find it necessary to buy Going Back (or the Deluxe or Ultimate editions), I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed. It’s an album that does precisely what it sets out to do, and every minute of it reverberates with Collins’ love for the material. There’s something to be said for that.” Read the full You Again? post here.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Going Back – From Going Back

Phil Collins on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

jimmy eat worldJimmy Eat World – Invented

Invented is the sixth full length album from Jimmy Eat World. Since releasing their hugely successful debut album Clarity in 1999, they’ve sold millions of records, had numerous top ten hits, appeared on SNL, and toured with Foo Fighters, Green Day and Weezer.

I wasn’t aware of this latest release until our friend TJ at Viva La Mainstream posted about it. I must say that after hearing a few tracks, I’m quite excited to hear the full album. Check out one track off the album below. To preview a few more, stop by Viva La Mainstream, where TJ will also be posting a review of the album.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Movielike – From Invented

Jimmy Eat World on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

ben folds nick hornbyBen Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue

Lonely Avenue is the collaborative effort of screenwriter-lyricist Nick Hornby and singer-songwriter Ben Folds. The two sparked a friendship after Hornby published a collection of music-themed short pieces titled “Songbook”. Folds took lyrics written by Hornby and put them to music in the studio he salvaged and has been using for the last 10 years. Amazon describes the recording process: “Folds conceived the album as a vinyl release and recorded everything live in analog to two-inch tape, finally mastering the disc at Abbey Road. Joining Folds in the studio at various points were his own band, a string section, and legendary arranger Paul Buckmaster, who, as Folds describes him, is ‘the person who makes you feel the goose bumps at the chorus and you don’t know why.'”

Along with the standard release, Lonely Avenue is available in a Deluxe Edition that includes the album on CD, four short stories by Hornby, and 15 images by acclaimed photographer Joel Meyerowitz, all in a hardbound, 152-page book.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Picture Window – From Lonely Avenue

Ben Folds on: [Amazon] [iTunes]
Nick Hornby on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

gin blossomsGin Blossoms – No Chocolate Cake

If I’m being honest, I had lost touch with the Gin Blossoms over the years and was surprised to see that they had new material out. My reaction to the news? “They’re still around? Cool!”

Yes, they’re still around, and according to a review by Dan MacIntosh on, their new album, the fifth studio release from the band, is “pop music heaven.” Dan says, “And just what is that Gin Blossoms magic? It’s Robin Wilson’s vulnerable vocals and ever-present tambourine. It’s guitars that jangle and create heart-tugging melodies. These songs would still sound good coming over the radio, if radio ever gets the clue that there is more to pop music than just Lady Gaga and Drake.” Read the full review here.

Take a listen to “Wave Bye Bye” off the album below. To download a free mp3 of “Lost and Found”, and AOL Radio Exclusive, click here.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Wave Bye Bye – From No Chocolate Cake

Gin Blossoms on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

deerhunterDeerhunter – Halcyon Digest

Halcyon Digest is Deerhunter’s fourth album and their first to be released on 4AD. The album has been getting quite the buzz online, and a 9.2 rating from Pitchfork doesn’t hurt.

The album was self-produced and recorded at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA during a short break from touring. As many bands are doing these days, Deerhunter used unique avenues to make new music available to their fans. According to their Wiki page, the first single, “Revival,” was made available to fans who had assisted the band with promotion for the new album through a link via official email.

I think it’s great that bands are thinking outside the box and involving their fans more and more in the process. The band has a bunch of shows coming up next month. To check out if they’re coming to a venue near you, stop by their MySpace page.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: HelicopterFrom Halcyon Digest

Deerhunter on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

pete yornPete Yorn – Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn’s self titled release is his sixth studio album… his third in the last year or so. That rate of recording and releasing music sounds like someone else we know and love.

Anyway, Yorn’s self-titled release came about after an email from Frank Black of The Pixies. He suggested they record some songs, and Yorn hopped on a plane to Salem, OR, where the two recorded the album in five days.

The album is comprised of raw tracks and is described as Yorn’s most introspective work to date… exploring relationships, ambivalence and our natural fear of the future and unknown.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Velcro ShoesFrom Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

ronnie woodRonnie Wood – I Feel Like Playing

Ronnie Wood has been featured over the years in bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Faces & The Jeff Beck Group. I Feel Like Playing is the seventh studio album for Wood, his first since Not For Beginners, which he released in 2001. The album features guest appearances from Slash, Flea, Billy Gibbons, Kris Kristofferson, Eddie Vedder, Bernard Fowler, Daryl Jones & Jim Keltner.

That’s quite the guest list.

Blog Critics sums it up in their review of the album saying, “The thing is, as slick as some of this album sounds (and with guys like this, it shouldn’t sound anything less), Woody and his all-star band still manage to capture a sound here that hasn’t been heard since…well, you know, way back then. In other words, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it.” Full review here.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Thing About You – From I Feel Like Playing

Ronnie Wood on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

doobie brothersDoobie Brothers – World Gone Crazy

The Doobie Brothers first album in a decade, World Gone Crazy, is out today on HOR Records. Founding members Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons are joined by longtime members John McFee and Mike Hosack on the album, which they say “may be most remarkable for the extent to which it stands completely on its own.”

The first single, “Nobody”, is a rerecorded version of the band’s very first single, and you can hear it below in the Dig-It section. The single debuted in the top 30 at Triple A stations, and the video is in rotation on VH1 Classic.

Your Dig-It But Sorry Can’t Download:

Nobody – From World Gone Crazy

Doobie Brothers on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

omdOMD – History of Modern

We recently reviewed OMD’s History of Modern, so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail here. You can check out the full review here.

The album is OMD’s eleventh album, and their first release of new material since 1996. It’s also the first release from this line-up (Paul Humphreys, Andy McCluskey, Martin Cooper and Malcolm Holmes) in 24 years.

On its release day in the UK, History of Modern hit number 5 in Germany and number 28 in the UK. Stop by OMD’s official site to stay updated on the band, and while you’re there, you can grab a free download of a “Sister Marie Says” demo in exchange for your email address.

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New Babies: New Toys – From History of Modern

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the posiesThe Posies – Blood/Candy

The Posies‘ latest release Blood/Candy was almost entirely self-produced, and according to the label, “boasts melodic hooks, provocative lyrics, and intricate layers of instrumentation that blend far-out, spacey sounds with sophisticated hues.”

Sounds pretty good, right?

According to a blog on The Posies’ official site and tweets sent out by our friends at The Vinyl District, The Posies will be blogging at TVD and sharing records from their personal collections all week. Stop by TVD and check out what they have to say.

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Download: Licenses to HideFrom Blood/Candy

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tired ponyTired Pony – The Place We Ran From

Last week Tired Pony made it onto our Top 5 Most Played Songs list with their song “Get On The Road”, off their latest release, The Place We Ran From. In case you missed it the first time, you can grab the song below.

The album was made quickly, with a rule of no more than two takes, and with the entire recording session lasting only a week. The Tired Pony bio on Amazon describes Gary’s inspiration for the album, “By the time the collective began work, it was clear Gary’s initial hunch that he might make a country record had been superseded by something far less simple and much more mysterious.
“I wanted to make a very American record,” he says. “It’s inspired by my love of Wilco, Calexico, Lambchop, Palace, Smog, these bands that look at the darkness in America. I wanted to write a twisted love-letter to the States. This is the first record I’ve written that isn’t about me and my love-life, primarily.”
Read more here and visit Tired Pony’s official site here.

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Download: Get on the RoadFrom The Place We Ran From

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glasserGlasser – Ring

Ring is the debut album of Glasser, the one-woman orchestra of Cameron Mesirow. The album is named for chiastic, or “ring”, structure, an idea borrowed from the oral tradition. Cameron structured the album similarly, with no set beginning or end.

NME gave the album a rating of 9 out of 10, and Blake Burge at describes the album as “a Frankenstein hybrid of electronic, folk and tribal music far more beautiful than the one you might have read about in Mary Shelley’s classic work.”

You can check out more songs from Glasser as well as her upcoming tour dates on her MySpace page.

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Download: HomeFrom Ring

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women public strainWomen – Public Strain

Women are back with their sophomore release on Jagjaguwar, Public Strain. Women consists of Patrick Flegel (vocals/guitar), Matt Flegel (bass/vocals), Chris Reimer (guitar/vocals), and Michael Wallace (drums).

From their bio, the evolution of Public Strain is described, “With Chad VanGaalen again on production duties, the band laboriously crafted a timeless sounding recording over the dead of winter in Alberta, Canada. The result exploits their usage of harsh, grating dissonance in smaller and controlled doses, using noise as the foundation for richly structured, layered songwriting.”

I admit I’m not very familiar with Women, but I’m a huge fan of the Jagjaguwar label and many of their artists, which include Black Mountain and S. Carey, so I definitely plan to add Public Strain to my “to listen to” list.

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Download: Narrow with the HallFrom Public Strain
Download: EyesoreFrom Public Strain

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no ageNo Age – Everything In Between

Recorded in Los Angeles from the end of 2009 and into 2010, Everything in Between is the new album from No Age, the duo of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall.

From their bio on Sub Pop: “Everything in Between is a bold step in their creative evolution. It is a culmination of reflecting upon life’s ruptures and triumphs; the process of moving through these moments banged and bruised, yet better off for the wear and tear. They’ve pushed themselves in challenging and different directions, deconstructing their weird-out pop songs while still maintaining their original aesthetic and intent. Everything in Between sees No Age expand on the emotional force at the core of their catchy song-writing through tone, structure, noise, and samples. And, it’s their best record yet.”

Check out No Age’s MySpace page to hear more tracks from the band and to check out their tour schedule.

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Download: GlitterFrom Everything In Between

No Age on: [Amazon] [iTunes]

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