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Cymbals Eats Guitars released their debut album, Why There Are Mountains, back in 2009. It landed on many “Best of” lists, including The Daily Cardinal and Pitchfork (garnering an 8.3/10). I’ve had Why There Are Mountains in my iPod for a while now, and the first song, “…And the Hazy Sea” came on today while it was on shuffle. Man, I forgot how cool this song is.

The opening seconds of “…And the Hazy Sea” hit you like a wave. When the song came on my iPod, I swear I had to start the song over 3 times just to hear the beginning a few times over.

I’ve heard this song described as “epic” and “even more epic.” I am going to add my two cents and describe it as “even MORE epic-er than epic.”

The dynamics are truly breathtaking when you listen through headphones.

I’ve been looking at their official website now for the past 10 minutes or so, and it looks like they’re on the other side of the world until the end of June.

Here’s the band playing “…And the Hazy Sea” last year at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

I’m going to find the time later on tonight to listen to the entire album now. I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the first time I spun it.

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7 thoughts on “Cymbals Eats Guitars: …And the Hazy Sea

  1. Dontcha just love shuffle?? πŸ™‚

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Loved getting to see them perform it live (on video) too. It definitely deserves your even MORE epic-er than epic label. Yep.

  2. Are you writing an action story? With explosions and bullets and kung-fu kicks? I'd love to know!

  3. Yeah, that beginning always hits me like a ton of bricks. Funny thing is that I always forget how much it hits me until I hear it again!

  4. No expolsions (yet) but there has been bullets. Kung-fu kicks, that's debatable, but there has been arterial spray, puncture wounds and a couple of heads have been obliterated. Well, one was obliterated, the other was only partial gone. But they were the bad guys, so it's ok πŸ˜‰

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