Josh Ritter: Live at 9:30 Club (5-8-10)

This morning I was in the mood for some live music…..

I ended up coming across this recording of a Josh Ritter show that took place at 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. last Saturday. Ritter has become one of my favorite artists. His voice is like Tom Hanks… everyman. There’s nothing especially spectacular about it, but it just fits like it has always belonged. I won’t even go and say that his writing is “ground breaking” or anything of the sort… it just… fits.

I don’t know of many other artists I can say that about. Please don’t misinterpret that statement… I’m all for innovation and stretching the boundaries of sound… but I’m also a huge advocate for finding just the right piece to the puzzle, even if the puzzle is already finished.

The sound quality of this bootleg is stellar as are the performances. I love boots that make me feel the room. Soundboard recordings are great, but sometimes the audience is too low in the mix. I am going to guess that this Ritter show isn’t a soundboard recording because I can hear depth in the audience (if that makes sense). Anyhow, these room recordings are sometimes preferred because they let me be a part of the audience instead of the band.

It’s the same difference between watching a show out in the crowd than watching it backstage. Although I love being backstage, I can’t STAND watching shows from backstage. They’re boring, there’s no connection with the band, and the sound quality often sucks because the band’s mix isn’t the same as what the audience hears. So all of you who wish you could watch a show backstage, DON’T DO IT!!!!! You’ll regret it if you’re there for the music. If you’re there to meet the band, then do yourself a favor and get onto the floor when the show starts.

Dawn Landes joins Ritter on stage for “In The Dark” and “Wait for Love”. Hmmm… I’m going to have to find out more about her.

The sing-a-long at the end of the show is priceless. Man, I love sing-a-longs… especially when they’re songs with bad words and my mom is trying to sing along. She’ll stop the song and ask, “What that mean?” and we’ll all have a splendid laugh.

Anyhow, you need this bootleg. That is all.

Ritter is currently on tour in the US. Check out his upcoming tour dates below, and for a full listing of dates and venues, visit his official website.

May 13 – Atlanta, GA
May 14 – Knoxville, TN
May 15 – Chicago, IL
May 17 – Louisville, KY
May 17 – Louisville, KY
May 18 – Pittsburgh, PA
May 19 – New York, NY
May 20 – New York, NY
May 21 – Boston, MA
May 22 – New York, NY

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: All Songs (full show zip)

Download: Intro (Curtains)
Download: Southern Pacifica
Download: Change of Time
Download: Rumours
Download: Folk Bloodbath
Download: Right Moves
Download: Good Man
Download: Rattling Locks
Download: The Curse
Download: Lark
Download: Open Doors
Download: The Temptation of Adam
Download: Girl in the War
Download: In the Dark
Download: Me & Jiggs
Download: Monster Ballads
Download: Another New World
Download: Harrisburg
Download: Remnant
Download: Lantern
Download: To the Dogs or Whoever
Download: Encore Break
Download: Moon River
Download: Snow is Gone
Download: Wait for Love

(Thanks to Rockinman for the recording)

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