U2 Concert on YouTube (video) + 2010 North American Tour Dates

In case you missed the live stream of U2‘s sold-out concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on Sunday night, you can still watch this incredible show via the video below.

U2 opened the set with “Breathe” off their latest album, No Line On The Horizon, and rocked the crap out of that place for a solid 2+ hours, playing everything from the classics to songs off their latest release. *See setlist below

This YouTube stream was the first time a concert of this size (96,000+ people!!!) was streamed live, and from all accounts, it was unquestionably a success. The show was filmed for a future DVD release, and I, for one, will definitely be picking that sucker up.

So, grab your best pair of headphones and spend a few hours with Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam.

The band also revealed on U2.com that they would be returning to North America to tour in the summer of 2010. According to the site, the band will have stops in Anaheim, Denver, Oakland, Seattle, Edmonton, East Lansing, Miami, Philadelphia and Montreal. They will also return for one night only in Toronto and Chicago before finishing the North American leg in New York at the New Meadowlands Stadium. For a complete list of dates, click here.

Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day / In God’s Country (snippet) / God Only Knows (snippet) / The Maker (snippet)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / Stand By Me (snippet)
Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
No Line On The Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End Of The World
The Unforgettable Fire
City Of Blinding Lights
Vertigo / It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) (snippet)
I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight / Two Tribes (snippet)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet)

One / Amazing Grace (snippet)
Where The Streets Have No Name
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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Pretty Hate Machine

Happy 20th Birthday, Pretty Hate Machine

alt text

Yes, Nine Inch Nails‘ breakthrough album Pretty Hate Machine turned 20 yesterday.


My first thought when I read that was, “Wow, I’m old.”

But I’m not. And neither are you. And neither is Punky Brewster.

Anyway, I gave the album another spin yesterday, and I gotta say, all these years later, it still sounds as new and fresh as the day it was released. As I was looking around yesterday, it was interesting to see just how many people remembered the first time they heard the album. From “on tape in a friend’s car riding home from school. it was love at first listen” to “I was 6 yrs old, my dad bought the cd and a NIN sticker for his truck,” it was clear the album made a lasting impression on many.

Do you remember the first time you heard it? Where you were? What grade you were in? Which song was/is your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below – we’d love to hear them.

Check out the video of “Sanctified,” off Pretty Hate Machine, from the band’s first live show – Cleveland, OH (1989). Pretty cool! In celebration of its birthday, we’ve also posted a show from Nine Inch Nails’ 1990 Hate Tour, as well as some other recordings below in the Dig-It section. Dig ’em. Then pull out your copy of Pretty Hate Machine and give it another spin.

As NIN frontman, Trent Reznor, posted on Twitter yesterday, “Happy birthday, old friend.”

Your Dig-It Downloads:

May 23, 1990
San Francisco, CA

Download: Intro/Terrible Lie
Download: Sin
Download: Something I Can Never Have
Download: Sanctified
Download: That’s What I Get
Download: The Only Time
Download: Suck
Download: Get Down Make Love
Download: Ringfinger
Download: Down In It
Download: Head Like A Hole


Download: Head Like A Hole (live In Paris 02-22-07)
Download: Terrible Lie (live In Paris 02-22-07)
Download: Down In It (live @ Terminal 5 NYC 08-26-09)
Download: Sanctified (Pretty Hate Machine)
Download: Something I Can Never Have (live @ Chicago Recording Company ’00)
Download: Kinda I Want To (demo – Rusty Nails II)
Download: Sin (live @ Pabellon de la Valle Hebron 11-14-99)
Download: That’s What I Get (live 1990-07-01)
Download: The Only Time (live 1990-07-01)
Download: Ringfinger (live 1990-07-01)

If you’re looking for more live NIN, nyctaper has an excellent recording of the band’s “final” NYC show from August of this year. They covered a boatload of material from their catalog, including Pretty Hate Machine, in the 2 1/2 hour set. Click here to check it out.

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Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Performed Live (even the opera section)

alt text

I’ve been studying for my microbiology tests that are coming up in this week. I’m actually really into this material, so studying isn’t like “studying,” if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I take a few breaks here and there because no matter how much “fun” microbiology is, it still doesn’t compare to music (sorry to all you microbiologists). I usually have my iPod on “shuffle” when I take these breaks, and whaddyaknow, Queen‘s monster magnum opus “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on.

I must admit, I haven’t heard the song in quite a long time… it’s always a joy to listen to because it’s one of those songs that… no matter how many times you hear it, you always find something new to notice.

What did I notice this time around? That I have never heard the song performed live in its entirety. Sure, Queen has played it countless times live, but the middle “opera” section is always done with a backing tape. I don’t blame them for doing that because it’s such a classic section… as a Queen fan, I just want to sing every part of it at the top of my lungs, especially the “Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me!” line. As a kid I would ask my mom, “Who is Beezlebub?”

My mom would look at me and say, “Are you on drugs?”

Anyhow, I looked up “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Wikipedia and found a huge breakdown of the structure… a most interesting read. If you haven’t seen this page, click here and you’ll waste a good 30 minutes reading it.

At the end of the page, I read about the only time the song has ever been performed completely live (even the opera section). It apparently happened on June 3, 2002 at the Party at the Palace, a gala concert event celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 50th year as England’s monarch.

So then I went to the ever-faithful YouTube.com and found this video:

Frikkin’ amazing!!!!! I totally dug it with a capital “DUG IT.”

I’ll admit that the guy’s voice at 4:38 (what’s with the interspersed falsetto crap?) annoyed me, but overall it was a solid performance. The opera section sounded great and everybody appeared to have fun with it. There was even the held over note on the “Let me gooooo” line. Nice!

So my point to this post is for you to watch the frikkin’ video. And go pick up Queen‘s album, A Night at the Opera. I played that album about ten trillion times when I was about 20 years old… one of the greatest albums ever recorded.

And now, for no other reason than to look at it and say “What the hell?” Here’s Lady Gaga showing that oral sex is STILL sex, no matter how you look at it… so in order to stick with the abstinence plan, pick up one of these:

Here’s a funny… kidshealth.org states that “Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.” Hmmm… can’t argue with that… but so is cutting off Little Swap… and that’s just not gonna happen.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Bohemian Rhapsody (live at Live Aid)

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68 Great Music Sites to Follow on Twitter

It’s that time again… time for some linkage. Today we’re pointing you to 68 excellent music sites that we here at TheFrontloader.com dig on thru Twitter. I know what you’re thinking… “Swap, SIXTY-EIGHT sites is a bit a lot, ain’t it?” and you know what? You might have a point if you think that 68 is a big number… but I bet you wouldn’t think it a big number if… say, you scored a 68 on a test… or if you had 68 pennies… or if you had 68 bowel movements TOTAL in your life.

So you see? 68 is NOT that big of a number.

There are so many great music sites out there, and I’m sure we missed a bunch of even our own favorites in our list. So if there’s a site you dig that isn’t listed here or if you have a music site of your own that we failed to list, make sure to leave a link to the site and/or Twitter in the comments section below! We’d love to follow you!

Before you start exploring, make sure to grab some new music in the Dig-It section below.

So much music… So little time…

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: Slow Doomsday by Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Download: Trouble by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Download: Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix (Animal Collective Remix)
Download: Too Much Time (demo) by John Vanderslice
Download: This New Technology by Midnight Juggernauts
Download: Slow Side by Mr. Gnome
Download: Sippy Cup by Gospel Gossip
Download: Higher than the Stars by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Download: On My Way by The Sweet Serenades
Download: Scoff (Live at Pine Street Theatre) by Nirvana (previously unreleased)
Download: Thunderbird by The Golden Filter
Download: Tokyo (Dance in the Dust) by Kill Hannah

You go now!!!!!

68 Great Music Sites to Follow on Twitter: (in no particular order)

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Addicted to Vinyl – (Twitter) (Website)
TWITTER BIO: I blog about music that I love, and also things that I hate. I’m equal opportunity like that.

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