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The Best Costume at the 2009 Comic-Con

I’m always interested in the huge Comic-Con gathering. It’s a chance to see what’s in store for the upcoming year, and a chance to see what the new and hip things are. I have a friend who tries to attend it every year… not sure if he made it this time around, but I have a feeling he did, based on the picture below.

Yes, the picture below is of The Best Costume at the 2009 Comic-Con. I bet you my buddy, Manny, is the dude behind the costume of pure unadulterated genius:

THAT, my friends, is AWESOME. Check out the flower hand blaster! It just don’t get no better’n that, people.

Even if I tried for a gazillion years, I would not be able to top this costume.

And now, to celebrate this unprecedented achievement, are a few songs about Iron Man. MAKE SURE you check out Four Tet‘s version… VERY cool.

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Download: Iron Man (live) – Xavier Rudd
Download: Iron Man – Four Tet

Bruce Springsteen Devils and Dust

This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes

The Rules: I reset the play counters for all the songs currently on my iTunes. Then at the end of every week, I check to see what the top five most played songs are. Whatever happens to be in this top five are then presented in order here from most played to least. If I have posted a particular song in the past, then I will bypass that song and post the next in line. If one artist dominates the list, then I will write about that artist in lieu of a Top Five list.

Well, I took my Physiology final yesterday. I’m not going to say that I did fantastic on it… it was hard, alright. The professor knew it was hard, too. He was proud of that, actually, claiming that he needed to make it hard because we had such good lab grades.

Great. Punish us for doing well in your class. Thanks.

We all walked out of the final with a “WTF was THAT?” look on our faces. During the test, you could clearly hear people mutter things like “S**t,” or “You f***ing kidding me?” under their breath. I know I gave a few huge sighs and a couple of “What the…?” remarks. I didn’t care. The professor jerked us all over, in my opinion.

But hey, that’s the price you get for doing well in the class.

Anyhow, I didn’t listen to much new music this week… I basically stuck with my meat and potatoes while studying… but there are some nice live acoustic performances included… so here’s This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes.

alt text

Devils and Dust (live acoustic 6-20-05) – Bruce Springsteen

One of my favorite music sites, Blogness on the Edge of Town, has been a great resource for me and the happenings of Mr.Bruce Springsteen. If you haven’t check it out, you need to right now (after you get done with this post).

I love this performance of “Devils and Dust.” There is far more intensity in Springsteen here, and the song just feels more sinister because of it. His attack on the guitar plays an important role in creating a wider landscape… it feels more like the protagonist is running from what they are feeling, only to succumb to it in the end. His harmonica playing is also more frantic and uneven, which only adds to the emotion within the song.

The audio from this recording is excellent as well. It’s not a soundboard recording, and that’s fine with me. For some reason, I prefer these audience recordings to some of the professional recordings out there… it just makes me feel more like I’m part of the show.

I played this a whopping 17 times this week. That actually surprised me… I would have guessed six. Just goes to show you… I was wrong.

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Download: Devils and Dust (live acoustic 6-20-05)

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alt text

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (live acoustic @ Foellinger Auditorium 2006) – Jeff Tweedy

Here’s one of my favorite Wilco tracks. This acoustic performance by the band’s chief songwriter and singer, Jeff Tweedy, has such a lazy feel to it… makes the lyric almost feel like a joke or at least an afterthought.

“I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” is the opening track to Wilco’s 2001 record, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. This album was shelved by their former label and was finally released when Wilco acquired the rights to it. Their former label (Reprise) didn’t feel that it had much commercial appeal… well, turns out that the general public didn’t agree with Reprise because it sold over 500,000 copies and is still their best selling record to date.

I love that story. Just goes to show you that you never know what will resonate with people. As an artist, you gotta be true to your vision… the rest will follow.

This solo acoustic performance of “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” was played 10 times this week.

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Download: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (live acoustic @ Foellinger Auditorium 2006)

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alt text

Private Eyes (live acoustic 1991) – Hall & Oates

I think most everyone reading this knows who sang “Private Eyes.” Daryl Hall and John Oates (or Hall & Oates as they used to be called), hit #1 with this single way back in 1981. It was their second #1 single and stayed at the top spot for two weeks.

I’ve only met one person who claims they hate this song. His name eludes me, but I remember sitting at a bar somewhere, talking about some classic 80’s songs… when Hall & Oates was brought up, he practically spit in my face… like I had something to do with them. Like it was MY fault that they had a string of #1’s in the 80’s and is considered one of, if not the, most successful duos in music history.

Man, people take their music personally!

If I remember correctly, it took five guys to hold him back from beating me to a pulp. And this guy weighed 98 pounds. That’s how much he hated Hall & Oates.

I don’t hate Hall & Oates and still love “Private Eyes.” This acoustic performance is fun to listen to… I played it 8 times this week.

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Download: Private Eyes (live acoustic 1991)

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alt text

When I Was a Boy (live acoustic) – Dar Williams

I don’t know much about Dar Willams except that she’s got a beautiful voice and is one hell of a songwriter. I guess I don’t really need to know much else about her… I mean, how important is it for me to know what she likes to order at Taco Bell?

I always order the Grilled Stuft Burrito. Mmmmm. That’s good.

Anyhow, Dar Williams’ song “When I Was a Boy” grabbed me instantly from the opening lines about Peter Pan. I know a little 6-year old girl who still believes in Peter Pan… she waits up every night for Peter to come and play… leaves him notes and draws him pictures of them playing together. I hope she never grows up.

“When I Was a Boy” is from Williams’ 1993 release, The Honesty Room. The recording that I played 6 times this week is not from that album, but is a live studio version. It’s a beautiful song… hope you agree.

And it’s always good to believe in Peter Pan.

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Download: When I Was a Boy (live acoustic)

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alt text

Tangled Up in Blue (alternate version) – Bob Dylan

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this alternate version of “Tangled Up in Blue,” but who cares. This Bob Dylan classic was #68 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. It’s one of my favorite Dylan songs… the suspension of time is something I dig about the lyric… yet there seems to be a journey from point A to point B.

“Tangled Up in Blue” is off his 15th studio album, Blood on the Tracks. Man, it’s still amazing to think that he’s released MORE than 15 albums… some artists are lucky to make it past one these days.

Anyhow, this alternate version contains different lyrics from the original. He’s been known to change the lyric from one performance to another, and he sometimes changes the perspective from first to third person. Instrumentally, Dylan keeps it simple to just guitar, bass, and harmonica. The guitar line is also different with more of a descending motion at the end of each verse. I actually prefer Dylan’s vocal performance here as opposed to what made the record… it’s more sublime and matter-of-fact.

This version is from the New York Sessions for the Blood on the Tracks recordings. I go back and forth between this and the original version… not sure which I prefer as a whole. There are bits that I like about the NY Session recording and that of the album’s. If you’ve heard both versions, what are your thoughts?

I played “Tangled Up in Blue” four times this week. It was a great listen right before bed on Tuesday, I believe.

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Download: Tangled Up in Blue (alternate version)

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Pearl Jam Backspacer Album Art Contest

Just a quick post to let you know about Pearl Jam‘s Backspacer album art contest. It’s like an Easter egg hunt… you go around the web, looking for images and then fit them all together to form a larger puzzle.

According to this article at, “Once fans click on all the images from around the internet and assemble them on the Backspacer site, they will be rewarded with a freebie that Pearl Jam promises is better than the usual free MP3.”

VERY cool.

So go check out more details at or visit the official Backspacer site here to see what it’s all about.

David Gray

New David Gray song: Fugitive

David Gray‘s got a new song out called “Fugitive.” I just heard it for the first time today I’m totally excited for what’s to come. The song premiered on and is just an absolute joy to hear. Gray’s voice sounds strong and his knack for soaring melodies hasn’t changed.

Here’s a live acoustic performance of the song from June 9th at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. For those in the Los Angeles area that aren’t familiar with the venue, it’s become one of THE places to catch new, upcoming acts as well as the already established. I live less than an hour away from it… man, I gotta start hitting that place up more often to hear some live music.

Very cool. While looking for this, I also came across Gray performing my favorite song of his, “Flame Turns Blue”… also taken from the same Hotel Cafe show. Sweet!

Gray will be releasing his next album, Draw the Line, in September. Go to and take a listen to “Fugitive.” There’s more info on the new record that you can read about as well… go now! You’ll be glad you did.

Click HERE to listen.

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Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter: Live on the Mountain Stage 8/2008

alt text

Last week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs Off Swap’s iTunes featured a
Josh Ritter song, “Monster Ballads.” I finally went back and took a listen to where that particular recording came from… I have no idea why I didn’t notice that bootleg before, but here it is for you all to enjoy.

Most of the songs are from his 2007 release, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter. I just noticed that this album was released on my birthday. Pretty cool trivia that nobody really cares about except for me and maybe my mom. MAYBE.

This performance sounds great… the instruments all shine and shimmer, and the vocals are nice and up close. I think Ritter rushed a bit during the vocals to To the Dogs or Whoever,” but it’s the opening number… and it’s one of his more explosive songs… so I’ll let that slide. The rapid-fire style of delivery is easy to lose control of, that’s for sure.

He makes it up in the rest of the songs, though. I think I like mellow Josh Ritter best.

“Girl in the War” always sounds good, no matter the arrangement. It’s amazing how I never grow tired of this song.

“Empty Hearts” closes the short set with an audience clap-along. I wish the audience came out a bit clearer in this recording, because it would have been cool to hear the singalong as well… but I’ll take what I can get.

If you’re a Josh Ritter fan, be sure to grab this bootleg. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see him in person, but I hear he puts on a great show that resonates for a long, long time. Maybe someday. He’s definitely at the top of my list for artists to see. Check out his tour page to see if he’s coming to a town near you.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: To the Dogs or Whoever
Download: The Temptation of Adam
Download: Girl in the War
Download: Monster Ballads
Download: Right Moves
Download: Empty Hearts

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Why Band

Why?: The Blackest Purse

alt text

I came across “The Blackest Purse” by Why? today and I can’t stop listening to it. The song starts innocently enough… just a nice piano rhythm… but then grows into something… not so innocent. Singer Yoni Wolf writes about “lathering up for pleasure” in the shower, “cradling death,” “acting wild like the spirit of God moving after church,” and “still sporting my ex-girlfriend’s dead ex-boyfriend’s boxers…” I have no idea what all that means, but it doesn’t exactly make me think he’s singing about bunnies and rainbows.

This is the kind of song that makes me rewind it over and over again to figure out what he’s talking about… I doubt I’ll hit the mark, but I gotta try, right? I dig lyrics like this…

Why? has been making music since 2001. Yoni Wolf started the project as his own, but it wasn’t until he hooked up with Josiah Wolf and Doug McDiarmid that things started to really move for them. According to their MySpace site, “When Doug and Josiah joined Yoni in Oakland, they brought a hoard of instruments and the ability to wail on every last one of them. By chops and imagination, WHY? grew into a thing of flesh, bones and fully fledged songs.”

The bio continues to explain, “In 2005, the band released Elephant Eyelash, and suddenly that once tenuous future seemed solid. Critics swooned; ladies lauded; WHY? did not rest. They toured (with Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo, and Islands). They collaborated (with Danielson, Department of Eagles, and Subtle; Yoni made Hymie’s Basement with Fog’s Andrew Broder). They put out yet more music (the Rubber Traits EP and “Dumb Hummer” 7-inch).”

Last year, Why? released their “brightest, darkest smile-twisted opus,” Alopecia and they’re currently setting the scene for the upcoming album, Eskimo Snow, which actually consists of ten songs that were recorded during the Alopecia sessions. I haven’t heard Alopocia yet, but I’m going to check it out to see the difference between it and Eskimo Snow. There’s got to be a reason why the two collections were released a year apart from each other, and there’s got to be a reason why they’re separate from each other.

I’m hoping that the Alopecia sessions showed a departure from their earlier work to their current sound… it’d be interesting to hear how a band changes during a recording session.

Check out “The Blackest Purse.” I can’t stop listening to it this morning… can’t wait for the album to drop in the Fall.

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Download: The Blackest Purse

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The Most Important Music Links EVER on the Web (right now)

It’s Monday… the day that, according to studies, is the day where most exercise plans, diets, or life-style changes are initiated. Did you make any life-style changes lately? And did they start on a Monday?

Anyhow, we’re always finding great articles, blog posts, and music out on the web, and so once again we wanted to share with you some of what caught our eye in the last few days with our The Most Important Music Links EVER On The Web (right now) list. Check out all the great sites below, grab some cool music, leave a comment or two, and tell ’em Swap sent you.

[LINK] I haven’t laughed this hard since I sat at a Three Stooges film festival breathing in laughing gas while my dog licked my foot. Addicted to Vinyl has complied a bunch of “Rick Rolled”‘s that are sure to brighten your day. This is a MUST to check out. If you don’t, I’ll go over and lick YOUR foot. And you don’t want that. Unless you do…

[LINK] I’m a sucker for Springsteen covers, and this one definitely delivers. Blogness on the Edge of Town has Camera Obscura doing Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest,” one of my favs from The Boss. It’s a great listen and would be a great addition to any music library. Check it out!

[LINK] I’ve always been amazed on how many books LargeHeartedBoy is able to read… this week he has a contest going on to win two of 2009’s finest short story collections, Jean Thompson’s “Do Not Deny Me,” and Petina Grapah’s “An Elegy for Easterly.” If you’re not familiar with LargeHeartedBoy, go and get familiar with his blog… great book recommendations and music to boot! And enter yourself in the contest!

[LINK] Viva La Mainstream! has an “Album A Day” feature that has kept me going back often. This offering of Fuel’s “Sunburn” has my ears perking up with a Scooby-Doo sounding “Raggy?” I’m gonna pick it up because Viva La Mainstream! told me to do it. And that’s good enough for me. Besides, I could use something that’s “intense and brazen…” not counting my stunningly good looks, that is.

[LINK] MFR has become a regular visit for me ever since I was introduced to it about a year or more ago. My inner timeline sucks, so I was probably told about this site like two years ago, and I think it’s just a year. Anyhow, MFR recently posted a video of Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps doing “Breakin’ Up,” a Rilo Kiley cover. Go check it out because you know you like Rilo Kiley and because it’s a good version.

[LINK] Daytrotter is awesome. The Thermals are awesome. Put’em together and you have DOUBLE awesome… kind of like double filling Oreos. Or Crown & Crown on ice.

[LINK] Uncle Shag always has good music going through his veins…

[LINK] NPR Music has a fantastic World Cafe section that features some high quality music. The Decemberists recently recorded a four-song studio session and it’s right there on the site, ready to be heard. Go listen and go be happy for 28 minutes and 24 seconds.

[LINK] Popdose gives you what you need to know about winning free tickets for Green Day and Kaiser Chiefs at Madison Square Garden. Wow. That would be an incredible show to attend… and to attend it for FREE? Well, that’s like summer in a bowl. Go NOW.

There ya go! I hope we’ve given you some fun reading and listening to get you through this fine day. And now, as is becoming tradition with our Most Important Links EVER posts, here are a few remixes to get you up and moving… or at least dancing in your seat… or at LEAST shaking your foot.

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Download: Mirando by Ratatat (Animal Collective Remix)
Download: Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (RAC Remix)
Download: Bulletproof by La Roux (Midfield General Remix)
Download: Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT (Laidback Luke Remix)

What Bill Gates and I Have in Common

alt text

I love it when I find things I have in common with celebrities or super-ooooper-duper rich people… mostly because I am NOT one of those people, but also because it’s cool, it’s a conversation starter, and it’s something to brag about to my dad.

“Hey, dad! Guess what I have in common with Bruce Springsteen?”

“It probably doesn’t have anything to do with talent, looks, intelligence, style, or class… so I’m going to guess… you both own copies of his records?”

“Aw, CRAP!!!!!”

Anyhow, I was browsing the web yesterday when I came across this amazing article on Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft. It seems that Gates felt compelled to quit Facebook because “It was just way too much trouble so [he] gave it up.” The problem?

The man had “10,000 people wanting to be [his] friends.”

Well, slap some lipstick on my lips and call me Jolene! I have the exact same problem!!!!!

Yes, I have over 10,000 people wanting to be MY friends, too. I got through the exact same thing he went through… according to the article, “he had trouble figuring out whether he ‘knew this person, did not know this person’.

“It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up,” Gates said.

Well, it’s not too much trouble for THIS keyboard ninja. No, I’m going to take my time and check out ALL 10,000 friends requests, even if it takes me ’til the cows come home. And that could be as soon as Wednesday.

Thing is… I know YOU… so why haven’t YOU checked out on Facebook yet? Click on the clicky thing below and prepare to be… Facebooked!

TheFrontloader on Facebook

Beat THAT, Mr. Gates!

Actually, he can. He’s probably got a bunch of uber-buff guys, sitting around in a sterile room, being spoon-fed by blind Siberian monkeys, just waiting to “beat” that.


And now, for your enjoyment, here’s some music about friendship… because we’re all friends here.

Well, except for you, Teydemeubuve (YES, that’s a real name).

Your Dig-It Downloads:

Download: We’re Going to be Friends – Bree Sharp
Download: I Need All the Friends I Can Get – Camera Obscura
Download: Just Friends – Amy Winehouse
Download: Friends in California – Johnny Cash

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This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes

The Rules: I reset the play counters for all the songs currently on my iTunes. Then at the end of every week, I check to see what the top five most played songs are. Whatever happens to be in this top five are then presented in order here from most played to least. If I have posted a particular song in the past, then I will bypass that song and post the next in line. If one artist dominates the list, then I will write about that artist in lieu of a Top Five list.

It’s been a long week here at As you can tell, I’m getting back into the swing of things… I’m starting to listen to more music again (woohoo!) and finally finding the time to write. It feels good to rediscover some old music, and it feels even better to come across some new material that will undoubtedly end up on the frequently played list.

What I do miss here is my partner-in-crime. You know who you are… you all-wise and all-knowing bear… I hope you miss it too and I hope you come back. Although I’m glad I don’t get the daily kick in the balls, I must admit that things just aren’t the same around here without you.

But we must always keep moving forward. At least that’s the way I see it. Just like Rocky said… “Life isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward.” So I’ll take my punches… I’ll take all the punches out there and in the end, hopefully I’ll be there, not alone, but at home, drawing pictures of mountain tops… with me on top, lemon-yellow sun… arms raised in a “V…”

Anyhow, here’s This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes.

alt text

Blanchard – Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions

Hope Sandoval is probably best known for her work in Mazzy Star. Her voice brought out the sultry, bluesy quality of the music in a way that I could not have imagined. Her voice is so incredibly soft… and it doesn’t immediately hit you as a “blues” voice… but it works like Crown & Coke. This shows you that the blues is, and always will be, a state of mind, not so much a sound.

Mazzy Star isn’t officially disbanded… during this time, Sandoval has formed her own group, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions. The sound is very reminiscent to Mazzy Star, which is fine with me. I still totally dig the atmospheric, ethereal quality of her style, and as long as she continues to write and record, I’ll continue to listen and spread the word.

Sandoval and the Warm Inventions plan to put out their second album, Through the Devil Softly (GREAT album name), in September. Based on this first offering from the record, I can safely say that I’m going to pick it up like I pick up a cup of water everyday.

“Blanchard” is a wonderfully subtle listen… I highly recommend headphones with this track.

I headphoned this song 13 times this week.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Blanchard

[Amazon] [iTunesicon]

alt text

Highwater – Don Chambers and Goat

I have no recollection of where I got this song from, but it’s been a most welcome addition to my library. “Highwater” is a track off of Don Chambers and Goat‘s 2008 album, Zebulon. It’s got all the sounds and textures that I’ve come to love from what could be considered “Americana” music nowadays. Honestly, that genre is so blurred that it’s kind of hard to tell who is and who isn’t included. I have a feeling Don Chambers and Goat belong, though, because well, I said so.

This is not to say that whatever I say so is so, but it does show you that I really think highly of myself, even when I’m talking out of my arse.

For those that are completely brought in by his gritty sound, you can catch him solo in Athens, GA. at a place called Farm 255. He’ll be there every Thursday night in August. If I lived in Athens, I’d totally be there to check it out.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with his material at his MySpace page. The track “GOAT” is bad-ASS.

I spun “Highwater” 12 times this week. One shy of the top spot.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Highwater

[Amazon] [iTunesicon]

alt text

Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Remix) – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode‘s latest album, Sounds of the Universe, was a most welcome release this year. I’m always amazed on how they keep coming up with new ways to present their material. Gahan sounded great, and the first single, “Wrong”, was so unbelievably cool that it’s got to be one of my favorite singles of the year so far.

One song I totally discovered this week was the B-Side to the “Wrong” single. “Oh Well” has got a pulse that reminded ME that I’ve got a pulse, and it has most all the things I look for in a DMode track: the thump, the juxtaposition of various motifs, a deep Gahan vocal, and a feeling that makes me feel… well, dirty and dark. That ain’t a bad thing, people.

The bad thing is that I now want to hear the NON-Black Light Odyssey Remix to see what the original mix is like. This is not to say the Black Light Odyssey Remix is bad, it’s saying that the song is so cool that I need the original vision from the band.

And, like I’ve said a gazillion times over before, that’s the beauty of remixes.

I played “Oh Well” nine times this week. All at high volume. I scared off some kids, but they were only trying to sell me candy so they could “stay out of gangs.” Yeah, right.

Man, how cynical am I???

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Remix)

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alt text

Monster Ballads (live acoustic) – Josh Ritter

I played an acoustic gig here in Upland last night with my friend Mike Chao. We did about an hour and change set… one of the songs we tackled was Josh Ritter‘s “Girl in the War.” I tell ya – I had no idea how difficult it was to sing the line “Now talking to God is Laurel begging Hardy for a gun.” I kept wanting to throw in the word “like” for some reason… “Now talking to God is LIKE Laurel begging Hardy for a gun.” That doesn’t work and it throws the entire vocal rhythm off.

Luckily enough, I didn’t do it last night.

Oh yeah, another tongue-twister line was “Pretend the dove from above is a dragon and your feet are on fire.” Looks simple, but man alive, I got worried when I came to it. I don’t think I messed that line up, but maybe I fudged it well enough for nobody to notice.

Anyhow, my point is this: my favorite song from the album from where “Girl in the War” comes from, The Animal Years, is NOT “Girl in the War,” it’s “Idaho.”

You’re probably wondering right now, “Swap? What do those songs have anything to do with the song featured here, ‘Monster Ballads?'”

The answer is I have no frikkin’ idea. But I did play this awesome live version of “Monster Ballads” seven times this week.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Monster Ballads (live acoustic)

[Amazon] [iTunesicon]

alt text

Beauty in a Fade – John Trudell

I don’t know much about John Trudell except that I have this incredible recording of his called “Beauty in a Fade.”

The opening of this track grabbed me immediately… the slide, the voice, the rhythm… all very hypnotizing and made me feel like I was lost, wandering around in the desert. When Trudell’s speaking voice comes in (I can only assume it’s him speaking), his words carried the same weight.

Lines like:

“She was a beautiful woman / But he did a lot of ugly things to turn her world around.”

“In his own way he loved her too / trying to be his own man / conquer the world when he couldn’t.”

“What happens to love, the kind that lasts?”

“She wanted what she needed / He needed what he wanted.”

“She became his last stand”

That last line hit me like a ton of bricks. Man, I know exactly what that feels like. You feel like that woman is your last chance at happiness… your last chance at finding the ONE that you can grow old with, that you can find peace with… the one that understands you, that brings out the best in you… the one that you trust the most in life… the one you have a sincere passion for, emotionally and physically…

… only to find out she’s gone… partly because of what you did, and partly because of what you failed to do… and you can never have her.

That final realization is like that said ton of bricks on the head, followed by a grand piano, a safe, and then the whole damn building crashing down. It’s immobilizing, but you know you’re not going to let go because she IS your “last stand.”

From what I can tell, this song is off his AKA Grafitti Man album… I can’t wait to pick it up.

This song wasn’t even on this list 24 hours ago… I listened to it six times in a row and was pleased to see that it made it.

Your Dig-It Download:

Download: Beauty in a Fade

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell You This SUCKS?

alt text

I’ve never been a huge Shakira fan. The only song I can name of hers is the one featured here right now, “Underneath Your Clothes,” which isn’t a BAD song. I actually enjoy it (until I don’t anymore)… nice melody, nice sentiment, nice production… the song was a hit and went either gold or platinum throughout the world.

The problem is her voice. Good LORD what is she doing with her voice? It sounds like someone’s strangling her, either that or she’s doing her best Kermit the Frog impression. Why do singers do this with their voices? Shakira has a lovely voice, but her performance here is just awful.

Why didn’t anyone tell her this sucks? Shakira’s vocals reminds me of Jewel‘s performance on “Who Will Save Your Soul?” from her debut record, Pieces of Me. Jewel’s hippity-hoppity between her natural voice and her “baby” and “Kermit” voices got so incredibly annoying that I thought she was schizo. Shakira and Jewel should have a Kermit the Frog impression contest between themselves. I don’t know who would win. I’d have to pick Shakira because at least she committed to the moment… Jewel was still trying to decide whether she really wanted to be Kermit or not.

Check out the note at 0:30 in the song. Wow. That note at 3:13 would even make Miss Piggy turn around and say, “Kermie? Is that you?”

And what’s with the horn line ala The Beatles at 2:07? Where did that come from? I can’t stand it when people throw in blatant Beatles references in a song that has abso-smurfly nothing to do with the Fab Four. It’s almost like they’re trying TOO hard to be legitimate.

After re-reading this post, I know it sounds like I can’t stand “Underneath Your Clothes.” Truth is, I wish I wrote it because then I could afford some new jokes… I just can’t stand Shakira’s vocals on it. It doesn’t make me want to check out the rest of her catalog, that’s for sure.

Well, maybe I’ll pick up an album to see if she always sings like Kermit the Frog… but then I wouldn’t be purchasing the album for the right reason… but Shakira wouldn’t care… she’d still get the sale.

And that’s what show business is all about, people.

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