This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes

The Rules: I reset the play counters for all the songs currently on my iTunes. Then at the end of every week, I check to see what the top five most played songs are. Whatever happens to be in this top five are then presented in order here from most played to least. If I have posted a particular song in the past, then I will bypass that song and post the next in line. If one artist dominates the list, then I will write about that artist in lieu of a Top Five list.

I hope you all had a most memorable Christmas! We took a few days off here at… thank you all for checking on us to see what’s been going on!

We couldn’t let this week finish without our weekly This Week’s Top Five Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes, though!

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I can’t recall what made me pick up the debut album from The Kings of Leon. I think it was from an article I had read about one of my favorite producers, Ethan Johns. The article listed some of the artists Johns had or was working with… I wish I had bookmarked that piece because at the time, it was one of the only interviews from Johns.

I believe I also picked up Leona Naess‘ self-titled 2003 album because of that article.

Hmmm… Kings of Leon and Leona Naess… see a pattern? Maybe I should start calling myself Swapmeet Leon.

“Crawl” is off of The Kings of Leon‘s fourth album, Only by the Night. This record is somewhat of a departure from their previous three in the sense that it feels more produced. I totally dig it, though, and hope they continue on this path. There have been complaints that the album is “too commercial,” but after making three albums that pretty much stick with the same sound, a band is bound to want to change and develop.

Whether “too commercial” is the way to go is not my call… but the album has been nominated for the Grammy’s Best Rock Album category… not too shabby, if you ask me.

“Crawl” was the most played song this week for me… I listened to it eleven times.

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals was one of the first bands that I discovered through music sites. I have yet to hear them on the radio ONCE, but that hasn’t stopped them from gaining tons of fans from music listeners to critics alike. Their album, Nothing but the Water was one of my favorite albums of 2005, and the follow-up This is Somewhere has remained a regular spin for me since it’s 2007 release.

Fueled by Potter’s soulful vocals, their sound is reminiscent of the great jam bands of the 60’s and 70’s… which is fine with me because well, that’s awesome.

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals have made it on the Top 5 Most Played songs before. I didn’t write that much about them that first time other than “Check them out or die.” I’ll do a bit better this time around and say, “Check them out or really die.”

“Here’s to the Meantime” was played nine times this week.

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Ok, don’t laugh, but this is a GREAT song.

Everybody has their own guilty pleasures, and most of mine come from the 80’s. T’pau took their name from a Star Trek episode. I am (un)fortunately NOT a Trekkie, as I believe that the Star Wars universe can demolish anything in the Star Trek world. I would rather be a Jedi than anything in Star Trek because of one word: Lightsabers.

Anyhow, T’Pau hit the charts in 1987 with their hit, “Heart and Soul.” I remember listening to Casey Kasem’s countdown show when the song hit… Kasem talked about how many songs had the title of “Heart and Soul.” I forget the actual number he stated, but I remember it was a BIG number.

I always dug T’Pau’s “Heart and Soul” because of Carol Decker’s voice. Plus, the rap part in the verses is ultra sexy because well, Decker is pretty sexy-licious herself.

The song hit #4 on the Billboard charts, making it their biggest and only hit in the US.

T’Pau released three albums and split in 1991, but Decker reformed the band (with a completely new lineup) in 1997 and recorded an album, Red, in 1998. This album featured a new version of “Heart and Soul” called, appropriately enough, “Heart and Soul ’97.”

I played this song seven times this week.

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Bon Iver‘s latest release, For Emma, Forever Ago has been one of the more interesting listens for me. The record was conceived by the main force behind the band, Justin Vernon, during a three-month secluded stay in his father’s remote cabin.

The album has been well received, gaining much critical praise and has ended up on several “Best of 2008” lists like that of Rough Trade.

It took me a while for the cd to grow on me, but in the end I’ve found it to be one of the more revealing albums of the year. According to Bon Iver’s bio, “All of his (Vernon) personal trouble, lack of perspective, heartache, longing, love, loss and guilt that had been stock piled over the course of the past six years, was suddenly purged into the form of song.”

Explaining the sound of the album, “the record was created entirely by Vernon with nothing more than a few microphones and some aged recording equipment.”

It’s amazing how many artists are recording their own albums in their own settings… it just goes to show you that big studios aren’t always the way to go in order to capture the essence of one’s art.

“For Emma” is a stark listen… very inspiring to for all artists.

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There is no doubt that Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem stands as one of the greatest bands ever created. Their sound has influenced generations, including every single band that you like. They practically created the genre of every style of music in existence, and they continue to define, innovate, and evolve.

Take a listen to “Can You Picture That?” and rediscover this amazing group. They’ve got it all – multiple vocalists, tasty musicianship, catchy tunes, groovy grooves, a crazy drummer… all of this comes together to create one of the most recognizable sounds.

On a personal note, I wish I could be a part of this band. I’ll play ANY instrument… even the triangle. Plus, I’d do anything to be near Janice. She is HOT.

There’s nothing left to say except DIG IT.

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[audio: Can You Picture That_.mp3]Download: Can You Picture That? (Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem)

Buy Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem on Amazon will return to daily posts soon… like everyone else, we’re just enjoying the holidays! If you haven’t checked out the latest posts, you’ve probably missed out on a new one by Sherman in his Box O’ Chocolates section. Go read it here!!!

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9 thoughts on “This Week’s Top 5 Most Played Songs From Swap’s iTunes

  1. T’pau’s album The Promise is one of my FAVORITE discs from the 90s…..I think Carol is working on a new disc currently that will come out under the band name. Looking forward to it…I thought moments of Red were decent.

  2. I’ve been thinking about what the best album I bought this year was, and “Only By The Night” is it. Every song on the album made me say, “Oh WOW – listen to THAT” so I’m not surprised to see “Crawl” here. GREAT CHOICE!! (I’d love to see more on them here at the The Fronloader……)

    T’Pau? Really???

    I used to know a girl who laughed like Janice – she drove me nuts. Just sayin’.

    The Bon Iver song has a Lennon/Brian Wilson feel to it…I’m not sure if I like it, but I have to admit it’s very interesting.

    Grace Potter is great!

  3. Dude, Dr. Teeth is possibly the COOLEST keyboardist in existance, no offense but I’m just sayin. If you were part of that band you’d have to retire because where could you go after THAT? Seriously! Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is the tippy top of the musical food chain my friend.

  4. Swapmeet Leon… hmmm…not so sure about that one 😉

    “Crawl” is very cool. I don’t know squat about Kings of Leon. I’ve heard the name and may know their music without knowing I know it, but whatever the case, I really like this one.

    “Heart & Soul” is…awesome! lol The first thing that comes to mind when I hear it is feathered bangs and roller skating. lol. And I’m not a Trekkie or Star Wars enthusiast, but I will agree with you on the lightsaber thing. They are pretty cool (but this’ll show you how much I know about Star Wars…until I saw you write “lightsaber” once, I always thought it was “lightsaver”. Yeah, I suck).

    I like the rest of the list too…Grace Potter and The Nocturnals are awesome.

  5. Wow, great list! Bon Iver was my #1 album for 2008. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but there are times when I need to listen to it and I couldn’t say that about any of the other releases this year.

    And yeah…Muppets. There is a reason my fantasy football team is named “The Electric Mayhem” year after year after year. I have a “1979 World Tour” Mayhem t-shirt too. What? Obsessed? Whatever, man.


    Okay, now I’m actually going to go listen to the other songs (though Can You Pictire That will be stuck in my head all the live long day….and I’m not sad about that at. all).

  7. For me, Carol’s voice is the thing that attracts me to T’Pau. She’s got some pipes! Red was decent, I agree… I still dig on their debut the most… probably for nostalgia, but hey – whatever works!

  8. I agree that KOL’s latest is GREAT. It annoys me when people harp on “too commercial” or “selling out…” they’re just making music that THEY want to make. Plus, they’re expanding their audience, whcih is never a bad thing. Just enjoy the music!!!! that’s what I say.

    Give Bon Iver a shot… it’ll grow on you!

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